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March 21 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A big bless your heart to the regional North Carolina Science Olympiad competition for grade school students that was hosted by Pitt County Schools this past Saturday. The students, parents, organizers, coaches, teachers — everyone involved — did a splendid job.

BYH to Monday's submission about the dog in the Food Lion cart. That is gross. I know the country is "going to the dogs," but stores need to monitor more closely. Not all persons want dogs everywhere they shop.

‚ÄčBYH to the caregiver looking for support. I want her to know she is not alone. It's a tough road. Here's another resource to try: The Service League of Greenville. Their phone number is 847-1230. I hope she gets the help she needs. It's a lot to do all she's doing.

Would someone please make a rule about restraining pets (dogs, animals) in the back of their trucks and in their cars? It makes me nervous to ride behind or beside these people who let their dogs run loose in the back of the truck and hang out the windows. I will move away from them because I am afraid the animal will jump out, and I could not take it if I hit that animal or if somebody else did. 

To the person who complained in Monday’s BYH about the chocolate and coconut combination. I guess Almond Joy’s been making their candy bars wrong all these years. Oh yeah, and what about German chocolate cake? I believe there’s coconut in there as well. Get over yourself. Tell the person who made them. Don’t tell the world.

BYH student walkouts! School shootings are very tragic, but getting rid of guns is not the answer. Enforcing current laws may help. The real tragedy in the U.S. is the cellphone. It only takes two days of cellphone deaths to equal the last school shooting. Outlaw the use of cellphones in moving cars period. There is nothing you are doing on a cellphone in a moving car that is worth a life!

BYH, our Constitution is only as strong as the men and women who swear to uphold it, and from what I see, those people have been derelict in their duty of oversight. They are in a co-equal branch, but act more like toadies.

BYH to the psychiatrist I see. She spends more time texting and answering her phone than giving me her undivided attention the 15 minutes I’m in there

Bless your heart to all the angels in the cardiac care unit who worked with the patient in 408 this week. Everyone who came into contact with my husband provided excellent care and showed so much compassion. We will be making every effort not to visit again, but want to thank all of you!

BYH. If you like to read, the greatest book that you could ever read is the Bible. I know from experience, having worked in a library.

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