Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

March 31 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, March 31, 2018

BYH to Judge Cole. What a breath of fresh air you are to Pitt County!

BYH. Want to end school shootings? Ban schools. That statement is about as sane as “ban all guns.” If you really want to stop school shootings, stop the bullying and isolation of those that are "different.”

BYH, what we said: “We need common-sense gun laws.” What you heard: “We need to confiscate all the guns, melt them down and make a statue of an NFL player kneeling.”

BYH to our Pitt County Economic Development Commission and its efforts to bring jobs to our county and city. I think it’s safe to say your tactics are not working as there has not been a company announcement since I moved to Greenville in 2005. Please, for the sake of our region, try something different.

BYH to the person who thinks he is the only one called “bud” because of the color of his skin. I call any male stranger “bud.” Even dogs and horses. Get over yourself.

My preacher said the week before Easter was his busiest time. "I have to absolve all the rich folk of sin before they go down to open up their beach cottages."

Are those Occupy Wall Street folks still camping out down at the Town Commons? Or did they go back home?

Bless your heart to Greenville. We are growing all over and it's great to see the us all working together. While we watch the polarization at the national level, it's nice to see Greenville focus on making our community a better place. I attribute this to great leadership.

Bless the heart to the person trying to install a chess board on the lawn of the library. Do you really think anyone will use the chess board while they are consumed by their electronics? Sounds like another Uptown concoction to bring more liberal ideas to our city.

BYH, the only way that the right-wing evangelical trope of advocating for “religious freedom” has any credibility is if it also pertains to Muslim religious freedom; otherwise, it is just Christian privilege.

Bless your heart to the streets crew. Thanks for fixing the potholes, but all you're doing is putting Band-aids on the issue. If you would have fixed the streets over the last several years, we wouldn't be filling potholes.

Bless our heart, the town of Grifton. What’s going on with our gas prices? We always get the short end of the stick. The prices are higher than in the surrounding areas.

Mayor Connelly, thank you for your leadership for our community. It is great to see someone show humility and dignity in the position of mayor. We are all truly blessed to have you for our community.

A real mayor would have saved the Wells Fargo jobs and ended pollen.

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