BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

April 12 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, April 12, 2018

A BYH haiku: Where is my darn phone? I am sure to miss a call. That is Murhpy's Law.

To the BYHer who was wondering why people want their underwear showing. They want to show their underwear so everyone knows they don't want or need gainful employment. These are clearly successful people who are independently wealthy. You can also rest assured they won't try to run from cops with their pants around their thighs.

We are spending millions of dollars to investigate Donald Trump's ties to Russia. Do any of you really believe if they had any evidence they would not have leaked it to the press by now? If they have something, show us — or stop spending tax dollars. Enough is enough.

It is amazing to me that we intend to spend two million dollars on a memorial erected at the Town Common for Sycamore Hill. Why don't you put up some recognition for a couple of thousand dollars and donate the rest of the money to the present church and help starving and homeless people? No bless your heart.

BYH, I am so sorry for your loss. I go to the cemetery every day. I have never seen anyone take floral arrangements from grave sites. It was a windy March. There were many floral arrangements blown away. Some are expensive. I see them in nearby fields and bushes. Please tie down and/or anchor your memorials. There are no names or ID on them and I can't guess to whom they belong. I leave them where I see them.

Bless the heart of local government agencies that claim they need more staff and resources yet consistently send multiple staff members to manage one person's job.

Bless your heart to the Tropicana supermarket in Grifton. I sure do wish you the best. You took a chance to come here. so we should support you and hope for the best.

BYH to Donald Trump and his outrage over the search warrant for his lawyer’s office, which he calls a break-in, of course.  I suggest the whole show is just that — a big show.  By now he knows for sure that his lawyer has probably cleaned or purged anything incriminating. After all, this investigation has been going on for about a year now. I’m sure there’s nothing left by now for Mueller to find. 

Bless your heart to my daughter. She’s always befriending people who usually end up hurting her. She would do anything that she could for them. I’ve tried so many times to make her understand that everybody is not friendly and you can’t make someone be the way that you think they should. Continue to be the best person you can be.

BYH to the sheriff candidates. I have a question for them. What is your position on undocumented aliens? Will you work with ICE or not? It’s a simple yes or no.

BYH, I realize that people are prisoners of their phones. That’s why they call them cellphones.

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