BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

April 14 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Thank you to the police department and everything you do to safeguard our community. I am a proud, lifetime resident of Greenville and I have never felt safer in my hometown.

BYH, candidates for sheriff with no experience managing staff. This is a large department so, voters, please do not vote for someone that has zero experience managing people. Great to have law enforcement experience, but this job is running a department.

BYH, since this president gets all of his policy ideas and thoughts from Fox “News,” then someone on Fox & Friends ought to tell him over the air that public servants such as the FBI director and attorney general may serve at the behest of the president, but they work for the people of the United States. The attorney general in not the president's personal lawyer.

I wonder if the chess board will be out for PirateFest this year? The entire concept reminds me of an ECU/Carolina football game. The Pirate fans drink and party while the Tar Heel fans drink wine and play chess. Bless their hearts.

No BYH to DOT. Greenville Boulevard was paved about two months ago. Only some of the traffic lines, intersection stop lines and turning arrows have been permanently painted on the pavement. Many still have temporary paint on them, which is now wearing off. Why haven't they finished the job? Anyone?

Bless the heart of Wells Fargo. Sounds like the city and county have decided to consolidate your services as well. Oh, but the difference is they told you it was coming unlike us employees who had no idea we were losing our jobs. Thank you to the county and the city leadership for sending a strong message.

BYH The Daily Reflector for carrying the collegiate baseball poll in Friday’s paper. No BYH to the those who voted UNC seven spots above ECU who won two out of three games against the Heels, including a 12-0 ECU victory in Chapel Hill.

BYH Greenville, you want to raise youth sport fees to “offset” costs. How about no youth sports fees, and watch the savings multiply when more youths are actively involved in something positive. More sports opportunities equal less gang activity, less drug use and higher graduation rates.

BYH to the efforts of our city’s economic development office. Not taking anything away from Wilson, Tarboro and Rocky Mount but what are we missing when It comes to landing new companies in our city. I have been reading about the new job announcements of the surrounding counties but nothing in our city. What can citizens do to help?

The LimeBikes at ECU have got. to. go. They are being left everywhere with many of them violating the Americans with Disabilities act.

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