BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

April 15 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bless your heart to the Greenville Police Department and your great response when I was in an accident the other day. The officer was so polite and helpful in such a stressful moment. We have an amazing police department!

No BYH to dispersed ECU frats now dispersed all over bordering greenway walkway communities with the continued underage drunkards, hazing and frat sludge activities, no changes just unmonitored new locations!

If you are antagonized by this regime, get out there and vote a straight Democratic ticket these next few times. It's time to purge them from power. It’s a four-alarm fire — grab a bucket.

The LimeBikes at ECU have got. to. go. They are being left everywhere with many of them violating the Americans with Disabilities act.

BYH to the city of Greenville who has restricted these new LimeBikes just to ECU’s campus. Many of us north of the river would like to use them, too. Why can't they be used elsewhere in our town? I'd love to have one of them to ride from the airport to my apartment instead of always having to pay high cab rates. One cab ride is like two dozen lime bike trips.

What a beautiful building being built on the former police parking lot. The architecture and brickwork makes for a stellar gateway to the Dickinson Avenue business district. Greenville continues to grow in a positive direction and is a great places to live.

My family drove down Dickinson Avenue and we could not believe all the amazing changes that are popping up all over the place! Keep up the great work, Mayor Connelly.

BYH, the reason our President is so obsessed with calling our media “fake news” is because the channel that supports him unconditionally is truly the definition of “fake news.”

Thank you to NCDOT for widening and repaving U.S. 258 near the Farmville Food Lion shopping center. I hope that you'll be adding those striped lines for bike lanes and sidewalks because every day there are many people who have to walk or ride to work there in danger, and we want them to be safer than your road currently is.

Donald Trump is not by any means perfect, but no president in history has had the media, the Hollywood elites, the entire Democratic party and most of the Republican party working against him. He is trying to do his job and they would rather see the country fail than to see him succeed.

BYH to more Democrats switching over to be Republicans. There is a reason. They've seen the light!

Bless your heart to Wells Fargo: bye bye bye. You pull out of our community after all these years and we'll pull out all our money. Great work Greenville and Pitt County, we don't need Wells Fallout.

BYH to everybody in Greenville for making this place such a great place to live!

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