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April 18 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BYH to our city of Greenville and all it has to offer. I took my granddaughter to PirateFest last Saturday and I was amazed how much our downtown or “Uptown” has grown over the years. I will be visiting the Uptown area more now that there are places to eat and shop. This city is doing great!

Bless our hearts. I get from the news that red light cameras are a scam. Cities across the country are dumping them in droves. They do not save lives and result in more rear-end collisions. Seems they are just a cash cow for cities that can't live within their budget. Is this fake news?

Thank you to the judge who threw out the ridiculous lawsuit over the few red-light running cameras the city has installed so far. I hope now the schools can get their money from these law-breakers and that the city will proceed and install more cameras at more intersections. While I wish more law enforcement would occur to keep our streets safer from speeders, texters and drunks, camera civil enforcement will have to do for now.

Bless your heart to all the teachers and educators out there.  You take your teacher mode home. Children, parents, husbands and in-laws do not like to be treated like one of your students, so leave it at the school.

This year under President Trump, 11 Syrian refugees have been accepted into the country. How many of those babies, in the chemical attack that Trump decries and bombed as a result of, would have lived if they had been admitted with their families to this country? Crocodile tears are not believable.

BYH to the person complaining about the farmers market. Kudos to the market for providing a good variety of products, food and artisans. By the way, the farmers market In Raleigh has produce, fresh foods and artisans. Keep up the good work and profiles of vendors!

We are so thankful to have such a great police department. I have never felt safer in our community and I'm glad we have a police chief that is so community friendly. I see Chief Holtzman at meetings all the time and he is so friendly. Thank you for your service, police chief!

BYH Calvin Mercer's last newsletter was an astute observation about the impact of technology and especially robotics on jobs. I found it interesting and helpful. Keep 'em coming!

A big BYH to the LimeBike I nearly tripped over. Stop texting and watch where you’re going.

BYH to our new Mayor Connelly and his beautiful family at PirateFest. You are a great example of being a leader but also a father and husband. I watched you talk to citizens while also paying attention to your little girls and helping your wife with child duties. Most people don’t understand the sacrifice you have made in your role as mayor but as a mother I sure do. Thank you for offering your public service to our city. You are doing a good job.

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