Bless the hearts of those who think selling drinks containing liquor is somehow taking drinking to another level. No...

April 20 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 20, 2018

BYH to the drivers who use the field next to Sports Connection as their personal cut-through. I know it can take five or more minutes to turn at the light, and no one is policing driving through the field. Maybe I'll start joining y’all.

BYH to the St. James United Methodist Church Spring Fling this Saturday (East Sixth Street). All the profits go to local charities. Huge yard sale, book sale, art sale, bake sale, chicken plates and auction. This is a wonderful chance for great deals as well as knowing your money goes to help those in need in the community.

Bless my heart for giving second chances. What an idiot I was.

There is nothing more pathetic than a losing candidate who whines. Reminds me of when my girlfriend ran off with a handsome, rich fellow. I cried and cried, but it did no good. Then I found the love of my life and then she ran off. The only benefit of tears is that they wash the pollen from your eyes.

BYH, the headline read “Senate confirms former coal lobbyist to EPA's number 2 job.” The headline next to it read “Trump directs EPA to ease air quality rules.” This administration is in an all out war against our environment and our health.

No BYH to Dacy who was issued a cease and desist order to stop showing the inflammatory and obnoxious ads against Walter Jones, yet I still see them airing. Anyone who knows Walter Jones, knows there is no truth to those ads. ... I'm a Democrat, but I vote for Jones every time because I know he works hard for eastern N.C. and our veterans. Give it up, Mr. Dacy. Your love for Trump far exceeds your love for North Carolina.

BYH, AG Cox Middle School for not enforcing Pitt County School's uniform policy of hoodies/outerwear "...outerwear may not contain insignias, logos, labels, graphics, embroidery, words or pictures." 

No BYH to the City of Greenville because after 10 years, they still are not listening to seniors and providing transportation to County Home to vote or to visit the market and senior center.

No BYH to Greenville Fire/Rescue. All the surrounding fire/rescue units have gear to help animals. Greenville does not. Why?

Bless Your Heart, ECU, for limiting department graduation ceremony tickets to only three and having the program in a place that is so small for families to be seated that another room is being “open” so that the program can be “piped” in and watched on a screen! Not acceptable, ECU!

BYH to folks who don't understand the opioid crisis: the meds are not coming over the southern border to the United States. That flood happens in the United States by big pharma and unscrupulous medical folks. Put the blame where it rightly belongs.

BYH, I finally stopped caring what other people think. I hope everybody is okay with that.

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