BYH Democrats, compromise! And cooperate! I mean, compromise and cooperate as much as McConnell did with Obama....

April 21 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, April 21, 2018

BYH to those drivers whose faces are glowing while driving at night because your phone is more important than paying attention to the heavy speeding machine you're operating. Please stop updating your Twitter, Facebook, ghost snap speed chat whatever and just drive. Your life (and the lives of others) depend upon it.

BYH to the stop light camera whiners! The is plenty of time to stop for a yellow light if you are going the speed limit or less. Rear-end collisions are caused by speeders braking or rear-enders speeding, not the light.

BYH to the person writing about the Mexican border wall. They should know it would not stop the flow of drugs. Most all the drugs are going through the checkpoints.

BYH and kudos to Henry and WTIB who informed us about The Eagles concert at the PNC arena. The concert exceeded all expectations. Even the fan choir behind me sounded good.

BYH ECU for allowing parking permits to be only $135 per year. Your cheap parking rates encourages more students to bring cars to our city and take up all of the free spaces our city subsidizes for us. Please raise your rates so students can start paying for their own spaces. 

Bless the hearts of all of the people that have been Trumpy since November 2016 — as in, the ways of the President have made them grumpy.

BYH to the new construction everywhere going on in the city for student housing. What the city really needs is just the opposite, some affordable housing for the elderly and I don’t mean Section 8 — just some attractive apartments with amenities for the middle class elderly who are looking to downsize and want a nice place to live. Developers take notice; these seniors have a lot more money to spend than students.

Bless your heart, Kinston. Installing chargers for electric vehicles in a city whose population can barely afford bicycles. Smart.

BYH to the dog that got hurt by the fish hook at the Town Common. Don't want to see any animal hurt, but most people would be smart enough not to let their dog swim in an area that is heavily fished just for this reason.

BYH to the hypocrites who run our city. You are outraged when Wells Fargo closes its auto loan service facility in Greenville. The facility handled loans created out of our area. You then have an out-of-town bank service GUC utility payments so you can eliminate Greenville jobs. Is there something wrong with this picture? Looks like another case of do as I say, not do as I do!

Greenville Utilities Commission said no full-time positions will be cut because of the change.

Most of you have heard the expression, "A rising tide lifts all boats." Try telling this to someone who does not have a boat.

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