BYH: To the Confederates of the civil war. Today if they were in power there would be no race problems, or issues today....

April 22 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, April 22, 2018

BYH Greenville Utilities. Have you not heard of a great local resource we have available here — East Carolina Vocational Center. They could help you so much with your staffing needs instead of outsourcing much-needed jobs to Charlotte.

Bless your heart to the police department and their amazing work in our city. I had an accident the other day and they responded right away and made sure I was okay, immediately. Thank you GPD for keeping us safe!

Fake Bless Your Hearts? I am pretty sure that a “bless your heart” is a “bless your heart.” The only thing fake is the news on CNN and MSNBC.

BYH, if Trump fires Mueller, like a bank robber firing the cop trying to arrest him, then we will no longer be a nation of laws.

Thank you to the person in the white truck who paid for my food at Bojangle’s on April 13. I will pass it on.

BYH to the repaving of Greenville Boulevard. Nice and smooth until you go over a manhole cover that is three inches below grade. Did the contractor keep the cost down by not installing collars to raise them? Who approved the finished project? Now we have built-in potholes.

Bless the heart of the Brook Valley cut through. I drove down Oxford which has recently been paved, then happened to turn onto another road that was in shambles. Who picks and chooses every other road to pave and doesn't do the whole subdivision at the same time? That's like brushing every other tooth.

BYH to Port Health Services in Greenville and for all that you do to help people who are struggling with addiction find their path to recovery. At the end of the day, it's up to the individual to truly want to change, but the tools and resources you offer help get them there. Keep up the great work!

Bless your heart to those people around Greenville who want to stop Greenville's growth and development. New communities and new homes attract people who want to grow businesses and employ more people. New roads and services are affordable because of a strong and growing tax base. Greenville is the hub of all eastern North Carolina. Grow Greenville! Go Greenville!

No BYH to those who use public toilet facilities but fail to flush them.

BYH Greenville PD, all these vehicles driving around with expired tags. I saw one car that the tags expired two years ago. If the tags are expired that means no inspection, no taxes paid on the car.

A great big excited “thank you” goes out to the leaders in the town of Ayden who have worked hard to follow Farmville's lead in bringing thousands of touring cyclists to come see our area of Pitt County. It is exciting to have so many visitors in such a short time. Bringing in this many people on bicycles is a huge boost to our economy, too.

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