BYH: To the Confederates of the civil war. Today if they were in power there would be no race problems, or issues today....

April 24 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BYH for our non-enforced Greenville noise ordinance. Where are the police when the guy on South Overlook starts his truck and it sounds like a bomb going off? I'm sure he has no muffler on his truck and a quick look around demonstrates that about half the other vehicles in Greenville don't either. Isn't state inspection supposed to catch those who bypass their mufflers?

BYH car driver who cut me off only to hit your brake and turn without signaling while my 18-wheeler fuel truck is hauling 9,000 gallons of explosive gasoline, weighing 80,000 lbs. A breath-holding moment in my truck because you almost died — and you'll drive off to live another day, remaining none the wiser.

There’s a saying, “When seconds count, cops are minutes away.” Folks, we don’t live in Mayberry. We need to be able to defend ourselves and our families. You need to think about supporting the NRA and the Second Amendment or we’ll be sheep among wolves. These youngsters walking out of classrooms and protesting seem to think you can legislate goodness and kindness. It don’t happen. They need to understand that we live in a violent world and good people need to be able to defend themselves from violent people.

BYH, where does someone have to go to get some good beef ribs in this town? Pork ribs everywhere, not a beef rib in sight.

BYH, I am thoroughly convinced that ardent Trump supporters are akin to some sort of cult, and that if he manufactured some sort of crisis near the election and used that as a pretext to “postpone” voting day, they would have no problem with him declaring himself president for life.

No BYH to the schools and businesses in Greenville, Ayden and the surrounding area that didn't lower the flag to half staff in respect of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

BYH to Greenville motorists. I checked the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Neither refer to an inalienable right for you to turn left across four lanes of traffic in rush hour, nor do they require me to stop short to aid you in these ill-fated maneuvers.

I still do not understand the LimeBike program. Sounds like communism to me. I have a lime-colored bike and I fear someone will take it away from me. What color should I paint it so that no one will ride it into the sunset? Sign me, Lime and afraid.

Bless your heart to all cashiers in Greenville who vigorously lick their fingers to get those plastic bags open. I really want your spit all over my purchase and have to handle the bag too. Gross.

BYH Farmville and Ayden. Recent praise from the BYHs prompt me to praise you as well. Please keep all the bicycle riders in your fine towns. Sincerely, Greenville.

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