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April 25 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hats off to one fine lady and her amazing crew. Holly G. from the Emerge Gallery/Pitt County Arts Council and her team orchestrated two amazing weekends for the families in Pitt County. First was the Pirate Fest, and second was the Youth Arts Festival. Bless y’all and hope you took Monday off to catch up on your rest.

BYH to parents, just remember that kids are what they see. Keep that in mind when deciding what programming, movies or video games they are exposed to.

BYH, Lime and afraid. They aren't just grabbing green bikes, just the ones that say "LimeBike" on them in big, bold letters. And it's a rental program. Pretty capitalistic to me.

BYH to our Uptown Greenville’s entertainment with concerts and festivals for our citizens as well as ECU students. I have lived in Greenville most of my adult life and, for the first time, I can see the energy. Please don’t stop as it gives me a reason not to leave for the weekend.

BYH to the chessboard I have been hearing all about the past several months. I rode past the Sheppard Memorial Library this week and I did not see a chessboard. Did the chessboard not get the funding for the construction? This is very disappointing as I felt this was a real game changer for our Uptown.

BYH to the person looking for — what? Beef ribs. In eastern North Carolina? Go west, young man, go west. At least ‘til you cross the state line, further if you want good beef ribs. I'll stay right here and eat your share of the pig.

BYH to The Reflector for allowing folks to tear down our President and sometimes local law enforcement through this forum but dare not print any criticism of the local district attorney’s office.

BYH to the nice clerk who was at Night Court last week. Thank you so much for letting me pay my ticket so I did not have to miss work.

Bless your heart to Walter Jones. I have been trying to set up a meeting with you for three years plus regarding my business in Winterville. I have contacted your local office and the one in Washington, D.C., and I have gotten nowhere. When we get a public official in a position and the people who live within 20 miles of him can't reach him, I think that is truly not representation to the people.

BYH to the candidate who keeps sending negative ads. Tell me what you have done. Right now I am only seeing Luke 6:45 lived out.

BYH to the three For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics teams that represented Pitt County last week at the FIRST Championship in Houston. The event had more than 700 teams competing from across the globe. All three teams came home with awards.

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