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April 26 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bless my heart, never did I think Dickinson Avenue would be what it is today. My husband drove me down the road the other day and I cannot believe how much it has changed in a year. Thank you to the city leaders for cleaning up this blight area and creating a mecca for business.

BYH to the GOP: When are you going to put the people, the state, the nation over party? You work for us, not the other way around. Hold everyone in elected office accountable

BYH, I am an ardent Greenville Police Department fan, but I just don’t the understand why I never see anyone being pulled over these days for traffic violations. In the last two weeks I’ve seen at least a dozen drivers texting while swerving along the streets, If I can see them, why can’t the GPD?

BYH, ECU Theatre Department. I saw a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream at Hendrix Theatre Friday night. It cost five times less than an ECU football ticket and provided five times the entertainment value!

A huge thanks and hug to all of those kids and businesses of Ayden that rolled out a warm welcome to the cyclists who rolled through Pitt County on Sunday all the way from Washington. The goodies at Gwendy's were delicious and appreciated. Thanks for welcoming hundreds of us. I know that many of us will return again to ride through your town.

Bless the hearts of news anchors who overuse and misuse the word “alleged.” This morning a local news anchor said that a man was “allegedly shot.” He was either shot or he wasn't.

Saw two of those LimeBikes parked by Greenville Boulevard in front of the Waffle House near 10th Street. You would have to have a lime brain to pedal a LimeBike down Greenville Boulevard.

BYH, if you liked Bush's war with Iraq, you will love Trump's war with Iran.

Trump. President. For. Life? Surely you jest? Bless your little ole heart, thinking Trump has a cult desiring him to be president for life. We simply want him here for eight years to eradicate government of all the corruption of the previous 30 years. The cults are in the streets with their resistance movement for socialism and globalism.

Thank you, Mayor Connelly, for your continuous positive message for our community. I enjoy reading your social media posts highlighting the wonderful events happening in our community — a breath of fresh air from reading the news on a daily basis.

What happened to the old mayor? I miss those random selfies of you drinking water, standing on dry land with a life jacket and stopping a drunk driver and those amazing photos of you driving to Bojangle’s for a biscuit. Gosh, those were the good ole days.

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