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April 27 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 27, 2018

A huge thank you to Bianca Shoneman with Uptown Greenville. You have been a blessing to the Uptown District and you should be proud of your accomplishments with PirateFest. This year was truly amazing and my family is thankful it is here in our city that we love.

BTH of the campaign team who put together the photo “collage” of body parts which arrived in my mailbox today, purporting to be a photo of Walter Jones and Nancy Pelosi in baseball attire, Mr. Jones with his arm around Ms. Pelosi. Yo! You forgot to give Ms. Pelosi her left arm!

If the schools can pay for a police officer to review red light cameras and issue civil fines that support their budget, why don't they hire more police officers to crack down on the speeders, texting while driving, cigarette littering drivers, stop sign runners etc.? We'd have safer, cleaner streets, lives would be saved, our insurance rates would drop and their budget problems would be fixed. How about it?

BYH Greenville. Recent praise from the BYHs for Farmville and Ayden's support for the touring cyclists, prompt me to praise you as well. Please keep rejecting all the bicycle riders in your fine town. Two thousand plus of them came to town for a few days and left over two million dollars in our registers. Sincerely, Wealthier Little Washington.

BYH America for marching and grabbing your rights. While you are at it, how about remembering the millions of old people who have no voice and no advocate in politics. They need medicines, food, transportation, care and funds. They are the true patriots in this country. They have earned our respect.

Bless your heart, Pitt County. City staff are paid more than county staff in the same position and they get a raise this year also. Sounds like the county needs new leadership that can manage money. Vote out existing commissioners and let’s get some that support the employees.

BYH, when asked to cut funding for the arts on behalf of the war effort, Winston Churchill famously replied, "Then what are we fighting for?” I hope our modern Republicans are listening.

I wish it was possible to send the entire Congress home and elect people with term limits who would actually put the country first and not their political career. If they were working for a corporation they would all be fired.

BYH, the best way to taint your career is to go to work for this administration.

Bless my heart, did I really just read that the city is scaling back regulations? Thank you to the new mayor and council for getting rid of the anti-business policies that have hurt businesses for many years.

What happened to the chess board? My kids were disappointed that they couldn't play chess during PirateFest, said no one ever!

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