BYH, offering someone something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's a con. Offering someone...

May 8 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A big bless your heart to The Daily Reflector. I am so thankful that you have reinstated the books bestseller list in the Sunday edition. I have missed that so much and I thank you for bringing it back. 

BYH, you don't see faith healers working in the hospital for the same reason you don't see psychics win the lottery.

Bless your heart, Robert Mueller. I am a lifelong Republican and veteran. I agree with a lot of what Trump has done, but I despise him as a person. He cannot question Mueller's integrity. Mueller is a war hero with a long record of service to this country. Trump is a draft dodger who hid behind his father's money during the Vietnam war.

Bless your heart to all of the teachers in Pitt County. It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Don't forget to love on those who love your children like they are their own! Also, BYH to those PCS teachers who plan to march for education rights on May 16 in Raleigh. It takes courage to stand up for what's right. Wear your “red for education” on May 16 to support Pitt County's teachers!

Bless your heart, teachers. I supported your recent raise, but now you are pushing it. At least 12 weeks off a year as well as full retirement including health benefits paid for life is a great equalizer. Sure your job is stressful, but whose job isn't?

Bless the heart of people that disrespect the house of God. I’m seeing more people going to church with shorts on,flip flops, tank tops, etc. I know Jesus said to come as you are, but please respect God even if you don’t respect yourself. Didn’t used to be like that. What’s changed?

Please do not disparage The Tightwad Tipper. He has offered sage financial advice in the BYH column for years.

BYH to the pot smoker commenting on the Greene County taxpayers. Put down the bong and read the whole article. Sounds like to me that it was a pretty sweet deal for Greene County. Looks like Billy Beer is making a huge investment in us. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Go Greene County and Billy Beer!

Congratulations, Will Bell, on transforming the house you bought in Tar River University Neighborhood last year. For years the previous landlord let the trees grow so high we were not sure there was even a house remaining on the lot. Please know we are impressed with your hard work and for leading by example. I hope this will encourage more young professionals to move into the TRUNA area as it is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you to our mystery neighbors who gifted us with a Pittsburgh Steeler tin placed under our Pittsburgh Penguins flag. Wish we could thank you in person, but we don't know who was so nice!

BYH, we need to tighten up on law enforcement. Last night I was attacked by a gang of mimes; they did unspeakable things to me.

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