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May 10 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Look at all these protests about pay. The next step is for all to be paid the same amount. The janitor should make as much as the surgeon. Equality now.

The answer to teacher pay is school vouchers for all. Give parents the right to choose where to send their kids to school. Competition is good for business and quality teachers will be in demand. End the public school monopoly and concentrate on the students for a change!

Junior finally graduated from college and now wants me to pay for him to travel the world for one year. And his mother and I are still working to pay off his college costs. Furthermore, his mother and I have never traveled farther than a vacation in Tarboro, so I told him no.

Bless your heart to the shopping trip to a bright new store. Tis a wow! Till I got in line to check out. The clerk was busy chewing gum. I am not a gum chewer, so I am always dismayed to see a clerk chewing gum serving the public. Did not say anything as I looked down the line and there were others chewing gum, so why bother? When I go again, I will speak up.

BYH to all the new minimum-wage jobs coming to Greenville. You really are a Walmart town!

BYH LimeBike riders. I saw the first one over the weekend. It looked like it had been thrown down on the side of the road like trash. Aren't there instructions on what to do when you're finished using it?

The Republican party emphasizes personal responsibility. The Democratic party supports a cradle-to-grave welfare system. Is this essentially correct?

BYH to the person who thinks teachers get health benefits for life. I want what you're drinking! Teachers have health premiums deducted from their paychecks just like you. Then when they retire, they can continue that coverage and have those premiums deducted from their retirement checks. Been there. Doing that. Nothing is free.

Bless the heart of whoever dumped rocks all over West Fifth and Pitt streets. Please send a street sweeper!

Legalizing pot is back in the news. Go ahead and make it legal. You can buy pot easier than a pack of cigarettes. Allow the government to sell the pot and tax it. Our income tax rate would fall to new lows and people will once again be mellow and happy.

BYH to Greenville for not providing bus transportation for us seniors to the County Home area for the farmers market and senior center.

Bless your heart to the residents of Moss Bend, Holly Ridge and Beech Cove who have been taken to school and taught about how the “good ol' boy” network functions.

We are making great strides in this country. I mean, now we have girls in the Boy Scouts and men in the girls bathroom. What's next? My wife cooking?

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