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May 11 Bless Your Heart


Friday, May 11, 2018

Bless your heart to the nice lady and her son at Burger King at Bell’s Fork on April 29 who paid for me and my husband’s meal. I had enough left for another meal. Thank you, loving angels, very much. We will pass it forward.

A big bless your heart goes out to Lushus Cox and Danielle Spruill for being the first on the scene of a major car accident. They got the two young ladies out and pulled a one-year-old little boy out who was trapped. Had they not stopped and helped, they probably wouldn’t be alive today. We thank God for you both, and you will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you two angels right here on earth!

I was involuntarily moved from Congressional District 3 to District 1, where I have no choice to vote for my representative, therefore I have no one to represent me. Does that mean since I don't have representation I don't have to pay taxes?

BYH to another loser filing a case against our red light cameras.Funny how she has the same ambulance chaser from Apex that filed the first case. Local attorneys know better that to get involved in these ridiculous cases. We need more red light cameras.

BYH to the bad drivers out there: If you used what you learned in driver's ed, you wouldn't be complaining about red light cameras. Drive like you're supposed to!

So two men get shot in Greenville and they nor the witnesses will cooperate with the police. Where is the outrage over this? Will there be a march to protest their behavior? Where are the signs and banners? Help me out here.

Now our preacher is complaining about pay. These teachers are stirring up a hornet's nest. Next my wife will want a bigger allowance. Why can't people just be happy?

Bless your heart to all the members of the NCHSAA who ruled Topsail ineligible to play in the baseball playoffs. They allowed a special needs student to be part of the team. Did this give them an advantage? No, but it made the young man feel great. The Topsail baseball team and coaches are the winners here. The NCHSAA are the clear losers.

Since these LimeBikes are vehicles that legally need to be ridden on the road or the short limited greenway system we have — not on any sidewalks in our city — why can't they be parked on the road in those painted spaces for other vehicles? I bet we could fit six or seven LimeBikes in a space. Businesses would have six or seven times as many customers and the sidewalk bike litter problem would be solved. I'll take my $50,000 consultation contract now, BYH, Greenville.

I give Dennis Rodman the credit for freeing the Americans from North Korea. Or maybe that guy who ran for mayor of Greenville.

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