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May 12 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Congratulation to all the college graduates. Now start complaining about repaying those student loans. Cry some real tears and gnash those teeth.

BYH, so Trump has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. There should be a law that his children should be the first to go fight in the inevitable war he just created.

BYH to the teachers who are forcing our schools to close next week via a social “strike.” So when you do not show show up for your job, who is going to pay for my child care expenses, or will my boss close up business that day too because I can't show up? Your behavior is irresponsible and y'all should be ashamed.

I applaud the teachers’ efforts to speak up for what they believe in but Pitt County Schools should follow the leave policy and deny a day off if a substitute cannot be found or if the request was not submitted in a timely manner. Every job has such policies. By making May 16 an optional workday (thus giving every teacher permission for leave), the schools system has effectively gutted the movement. It means nothing if there are no consequences.

BYH to those demanding more sidewalks. Funny, I see almost no one using the ones we have now. If all the overweight people here would use these sidewalks, it would really make a difference. In the meantime, please keep improving the roads because these people are in their cars because fast food restaurants will not serve you in the drive- thru unless you're in a vehicle.

To the reader who wrote in about people wearing shorts, flip flops, tank tops, etc., to church as disrespectful. When I was a kid the men wore suits to church. Then the men wore just a sports coat. Then just slacks and a collared shirt. Now just causal attire is the norm. You think God cares what you wear to church? He doesn't. What is really annoying is listening to athletes that thank God for winning a game. God doesn't care if you win a game or not!

BYH to the tree lovers. I don't have and I don't want a bunch of trees around my house. My neighbors all have massive oak and gum trees that rain leaves and limbs continuously and I have to rake tons of leaves six months of the year. If You want to control what I do on property, come rake my leaves first.

BYH GREAT Bus of Greenville for having one day of free service last month. If you look at your budget you may find Sunday bus service doable, and the citizens really want service on Sunday even if it's limited.

BYH to everyone who is working a job to pay bills. It is not your passion and it is not what you want to do, but it’s for survival. May we all finally find the peace and happiness that we so hard strive to look for.

Congrats to the winners of recent elections; tough luck to those who ran and lost. Now go pick up your signs.

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