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May 14 Bless Your Heart


Monday, May 14, 2018

BYH to West 14th Street between Beatty and Farmville Boulevard. Can us grown ups also get a bridge to fly right over this depressing and dangerous area and over the tracks?

To the senior citizen eating vienna sausages: Please read the community section of this newspaper for information on free food programs. You can get hot meals and a bag of groceries at Grifton Mission Ministries twice a week. There are free food programs at local churches, Churches Outreach Network and JOY Soup Kitchen. Our community also has USDA food boxes that are delivered to you that contain about 35 pounds of nutritious foods.

BYH to my boss. I told her that my pay is ranked 39th in the states and I wanted more. I told her that I did not want to do my job on May 16th and that she should close that day. She agreed with me, gave me that day off, and every day after it as well. Now I can move to another state for another job.

BYH Mayor Connelly and the current elected city council. Keep the petal to the metal on economic development despite an abysmal performance by the county professionals. I hear help is on the way and our city will see an entirely new organization soon. We can’t wait to see what is in store and I know you can’t either.

BYH to whoever keeps writing praises for our mayor and city. Don’t you think we see through your “canned” political agenda? When politicians are doing a good job, they don’t need a cheerleader squad.

BYH to the county leaders who refuse to pay a percentage share of future sidewalks on road widening projects and thank you to the city officials who will. Pitt County leaders should be ashamed how Greenville shows more concern for the safety and health of its residents than do you.

Bless your heart, Vidant Health. All of your regional hospitals recognized their employees for Hospital Week with meals and acts of kindness but here in Greenville, we got nothing. The meal we usually get was abolished.

I am glad that the red light cameras are catching more of this out of towners who speed and make our city so dangerous. At least they're paying more for our schools. So when we get the rest of our intersections protected via cameras? Or better yet, have the law enforced with real criminals penalties as well?

BYH, N.C. voters. We were “sold” the state lottery on the premise that it would provide a great, steady source of education funding. Why are our teachers underpaid? Where are the lottery funds? Who is auditing this?

No BYH to the Greenville City Council for even considering a civilian police review board based on pandering "what if" rants rather than presented evidence of actual events. Here’s an idea: Let's discuss neighborhood moral value decay, the root of the problems!

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