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May 15 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bless the hearts of the local radio stations who do not feel the need to alert travelers of accidents and backups on major routes such as U.S. 264. I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes on Monday morning due to the accident involving a tractor trailer. Had I been warned, I, and everyone else who was stuck, would have taken a different route. I find traffic incident warnings far more important that daily contests!

BYH to the new City Council members for again voting (4-1) this year to rezone a property when Planning and Zoning, the city's Horizon Land Use Plan and the city staff strongly advised against it. Are you serving our whole city or a few who will benefit monetarily from these rezonings? This is very disturbing.

BYH, professional golfer and former ECU Pirate Harold Varner III. You are a true class act and you represent your university and state of North Carolina with utmost respect. Future Pirate athletes, please take notice in this young man. This is how you conduct yourself when you find success. ECU needs more young men like this.

I always resented the pool and big slide on Charles Boulevard and am glad it is closing. It represents the lavish lifestyle of the one percent. My poor family was never able to join and never liked those at the pool with their smirks and condescending attitudes toward those driving by. We must strive for equality of access to all pools, both public and private.

Does anyone else see the irony that a local fitness club has to close a popular aspect for fitness so that more people can drive more cars? If more people felt safe enough to walk, run, or ride on our streets, we would need fewer large parking lots. So let's build more lots and wider, more dangerous roads so that we can all spend more obesity-inducing time in traffic congestion with pollution on our way to walk or run on a treadmill or spin on a stationary bicycle. Bless our hearts.

BYH to Pitt County Commissioners for letting Bill Clark Homes overcrowd and cause traffic issues for yet another nice area of rural communities between Port Terminal and Grimesland in the floodplain of the Tar River!

Took a look Monday morning at the online jail booking photos and noticed that many men honored "Mother's Day" by being charged with assaulting a female. I'm thinking Mother had higher hopes for you.

BYH Pitt County Board of Education members. You quickly found enough funds to lock down hallways in schools and add cameras to document student behaviors, but still can't find funds for school psychologists to prevent and deal with these issues? Expecting a school psychologist to each serve thousands of students just shows that you need to retake basic math.

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