BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

May 16 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Seriously, CSX choo-choo train? You blocked 14th Street at Beatty then disconnected and moved forward. I was thinking, "Hey, maybe they'll let some of us pass instead of causing gridlock for the next 30 minutes".” But, nope, you proceeded with your business, shunting back and forth, backing up traffic at rush hour as far back as I could see, for almost 30 minutes. You need to do that somewhere else or, better yet, build a new track around Greenville.

Bless your heart to the BYH captcha — finally got the darn thing through after five tries.

Bless your heart to the person that complained about the pool on Charles and the lavish lifestyle of the one percent. Why don't you enroll in job training or college and try to excell in life rather than complaining?

The pool on Charles Boulevard was a hazard to traffic as us old lecherous men glared at the ladies in swimsuits. The only way a pool should be allowed by a road is if you install a camera to photograph all the old men taking an untoward interest in the female form. Then send them a fine! "Your honor, I thought it was Marilyn Monroe."

A big BYH to the fake BYHs about the Greenville mayor doing a good job. Mayor, instead of writing fake BYH's, just keep your developer buds happy. We know what greases the wheel in this Walmart town.

BYH to the person who dislikes the cheerleading squad for mayor and City Council. As I see it, they are only expressing their rights of freedom of speech and spreading a positive message for our growing city. If you did not or do not support our mayor and City Council, you should voice your negative freedom of speech if that makes you feel better. I like a positIve message and I hope the cheerleading squad will continue.

I came along in the 1950s and would have been aghast at teachers walking out. Of course back then they were happy to have a job. Nowadays the unhappy teachers spread their unhappiness to their students. No wonder so many student drop out. Just more politics.

I thought riding my bike in my neighborhood was safe until a guy backed out of his driveway and almost got me. He then screamed that it was my fault for not stopping so that he could back out without waiting for me to ride past. I told him to get out of the car so that we could discuss it man to man. He decided to leave. (I felt pretty good about the confrontation as he was short, fat and slovenly. I could have taken him!)

Let me let you in on a secret. The Horizon Land Use Plan is merely a suggestion and can be changed when and if the council sees it is necessary. I'll bet you are one of those who want to throw out the Second Amendment but keep the sacred Horizon Land Use Plan. Cry me some more tears.

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