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May 17 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 17, 2018

BYH to the negative nanny who refers to Greenville as a Walmart town. I think you have us confused with some of the neighboring towns. Greenville is flourishing and I am pretty sure you know it. I’m not a member of the mayor’s cheerleading team, but I think he is doing a great job, along with the council. How can I join the squad?

BYH to what’s not fake news: the new City Council is setting a pattern of rezoning (votes 4-1) against the advice of the Planning and Zoning, Horizon’s Land Use Plan and staff recommendations. Your backs must be raw since it seems you’re doing a lot of mutual back scratching with your developer buddies. Come on, serve the whole city!

Bless his heart, for two years Trump has been telling us what a bad actor China is, they manipulate their currency, they steal our jobs, they're bad for our economy. But then he said that too many jobs are being lost in China. What? This was days after the Chinese government gave $500 million to a deal in Indonesia that would directly benefit him. Look up the emoluments clause in the Constitution. Look up the definition of the word “corruption.”

BYH to the schools collecting food for those kids they do not want to go hungry while school is closed so they can rally in Raleigh. Why is that day different than any other teacher workday where the kids go without?

Thank you to the City of Greenville for installing the new road safety signs reminding people to pass cyclists by changing lanes or giving at least four feet to pass. I saw these first in Farmville and then Ayden so I am glad that Greenville is finally catching up to these leaders in supporting safer roads for every kind of user. Pitt County leaders however, BYH, are still losing millions to Beaufort County because of your lack of support for cycling.

"Teachers" who climbed aboard their fancy charter bus should be ashamed. They chose to leave students without a day of education, scheduled field trips were rescheduled leaving local businesses in the dust and they fail to represent all teachers today. For real teachers, we are sending our concerns to our representatives without adversely affecting students and are working today to ensure the final days of school operate smoothly.

Please tell me that the representatives in Raleigh, including Gov. Cooper, realize there are other state employees besides teachers. Believe me, if you had my state job, you would not whine so much about your teaching job.

BYH to the person complaining that the Fitness Connection had a nice pool and wants this business to be free to all, also. Free stuff has just about broke this country. Walk, that is good exercise and it is free to freeloaders, too. By the way, great eyes you have that can see the smirk on the rich people’s faces in that pool from the road.

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