BYH Chimer Clark. Your commercial bragging about how "TOUGH AS NAILS" you are as you glower at all of us with an AR-15...

May 18 Bless Your Heart


Friday, May 18, 2018

BYH to Ava Haddad for winning second place in this year's Congressional Art Competition for her acrylic painting of her friend that was shown on the May 14 Report Card & Expressions page. My husband and I thought the painting was phenomenal and beautiful!

I really am sick of hearing teachers whine about their pay. There are other state employees, like correction officers, who do a much more dangerous job for half your salary. What other group of employees produce such bad results, like kids who can’t do math without a calculator, and yet expect a huge salary. And, no, I’m not a correction officer. I just see the unfairness of it all.

Bless his heart, if Obama did just one of the things Trump has done, he would have been impeached immediately. Just for instance if he lied for a year saying, “Neither I, nor anyone on my staff has had any contact with the Russians,” only to find out nearly every one of them had. I would have never thought the modern day GOP would condone turning our White House over to the Kremlin.

BYH Uptown Greenville outdoor dining policy. We can build multimillion dollar buildings in our downtown, but we cannot allow patrons to dine outside along the sidewalks. Is there someone in the city government who had a bad past outdoor dining experience in his or her past? This is not rocket science and most cities allow outdoor dining to attract patrons to their downtown areas. Time to get with it!

Why did the city allow the trees the city planted on the right away in front of Treetops after the widening of Fire Tower to be cut down last week?

Bless our heart, the problem is that thousands, even millions, of people no longer get their “news” from legitimate news sources, but actually believe and can be affected by Facebook “news,” especially that which confirms their bias, even if it is the textbook definition of “fake news.” You are being scammed, people.

BYH to those walkers and joggers who use public roadways for their exercise and move facing the oncoming traffic. If an oncoming vehicle does not see you or cannot pull into the other lane you may see this and step off the roadway. If moving with road traffic at your back, you may not have the view and option to step off the roadway. Try the safe way.

I would like all BYH contributors to join me in a march to force The Daily Reflector to pay us for submissions that are printed. We put much work and effort into dreaming up these insightful comments and should be paid accordingly. I feel like my submissions have been worth somewhere in the range of about $8 over these past few years. That high-strung radio guy has even mentioned one or two. And when he talks about your stuff, you know you are about to hit rock bottom.

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