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May 19 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bless your heart to all the mothers. You deserve a big shout-out, not just in May. A mother’s a friend for all time to cherish and protect. Her achievements will linger for generations. Here’s to you, mothers. Mother, you care. You share. You are always there. Thank you.

BYH, to the writer who is fed up with teachers' whining. If you work for the state and don't advocate for yourself or your profession, don't expect others to do so. As a teacher, I invite you to come to a school and look at the conditions under which we expect our children to learn and our teachers to work.

Speaking of teachers’ pay, why should I be held responsible? I had the good fortune in not having any children. I do drive to the grocery store, so it is obvious that I should pay a highway tax. But I have no children in school. It seems only logical that those that have spawned offspring should pay for their education.

BYH to the new City Council for holding "workshop" meetings away from the camera. I watch your meetings on TV, so why have these afternoon "workshop" meetings that are not televised? What's going on?

BYH and don't block the box. I've been in Greenville for about five years and nowhere have I seen so many people sitting in the middle of intersections waiting for the chance to turn or getting stuck behind traffic going through the light. Don't block the box.

BYH, NCDOT, for the wildflowers. They look nice, but I saw how many acres of trees you cut down and ground up just to plant flowers. Then we wonder why we have flooding problems. The flowers now just make many of us see waste and destruction.

In order to celebrate Mother's Day as intended, pet parents need to get their own day.

Regardless of what the international community says, Israel has the right (as do all countries) to defend its borders in a manner of its own choosing — no ifs, ands, or buts.

Bless your heart Farmville schools! You need to look at the dress code policy and enforce it.

Well, Vidant, you took away any quality care that residents of Hyde County had and now you've done it again. My four-year- old niece fell and broke her arm in three places. Belhaven Vidant was able to give her a shot for pain. Greenville Vidant had no orthopedics on call on a Tuesday night. You wanted to airlift her to Duke! Really? Thank God Duke was there with the professionals needed to cast her immediately. Vidant, you need to do better!

I am a little surprised at how little some people understand about the one percent. Most would not be caught dead at a semi-public pool. It is extremely unlikely that you would find someone at a gym pool with a legitimate reason to smirk.

BYH, I'm so angry I could vote!

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