BYH, in case you haven't noticed, civil rights, human rights, worker's rights and voting rights are frowned on by...

May 20 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, May 20, 2018

BYH, never just believe internet quotes from famous people, but check multiple sources to confirm them. I think I read on Facebook that Abraham Lincoln said that.

When high school students were killed in class (at other times), Congress did nothing. Now high school students have been killed in Texas. Will Congress do anything, or will it wait for the next time? Or the next time? Or the next ...

Look at the current powers that want to disarm the American populace to take over our country and want to control and repress and force their will on our people. Russia, China, Communists everywhere, Islamic extremists, MS13 and the American left. Doesn't that bother you? Bless your heart.

BYH, the Sante Fe shooter was a white male whose social media followed gun nuts and Trump and posted Nazi insignia. If only there were some pattern that could help us identify potential terrorists.

BYH fake news! Hope the president does not tweet that the earth is round. Fake news outlets MSNBC and CNN will say he’s lying again. They have the latest breaking news. “It’s really a cube!”

Why does it take a local bicycle club to lead efforts for safer accessible roads for everyone? Even with nasty weather, cyclists led the charge in requesting safer streets, but I do not hear of any town, city, county, or state official leading a similar effort. Their silence is deafening, BYH.

Bless our hearts, when it comes to politics, this country has both Stockholm Syndrome and amnesia.

BYH to the teachers who joined the trend of protesting. I wonder what the teachers would say if all the nurses or healthcare workers decided to pick a day and protest, leaving the healthcare institution without staff, and told the teachers to come pick up their loved one and provide the needed service for the day. It’s disappointing that the people who influence the minds of our youth set this example.

BYH, until teachers stop being used as political pawns or whipping boys or girls, then protesting is the order of the day. And by the way, protesting against maltreatment is older than the Republic. I learned that from a teacher.

Teachers rallying for decent pay while a football team is sold for $2.2 billion — the same football league where a coach just signed a deal for $10 million for 10 years. Only in America and that's really sad.

The online jail booking photos shows a lot of old folks charged with selling hard drugs. Is there a special old folks section down at the jailhouse or do these senior citizens pump iron all day long and get prison tats?

Please print the name of the man who collects and refurbishes used bicycles for distribution to needy children. Thank you.

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