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May 21 Bless Your Heart


Monday, May 21, 2018

We who are happy with the improvements in Greenville — Uptown, sidewalks, greenways, parks, and more -- should thank Calvin Mercer and the other members of the former City Council who worked for them. Our current mayor actually opposed many of them. BYH to the writing group crediting the mayor with the improvements. They should know better. Maybe they do.

BYH City Council, looks like you're trying to get rid of the 500-foot rule that has helped hold down the number of bars downtown for years. Why would you reverse this helpful action from previous Councils? Does it have anything to do with that you're catering to the very frat students who helped get you elected?

BYH to the person complaining about correctional officer pay compared to teacher pay. Since when are correctional officers required to buy their own handcuffs, uniforms, guns, inmates meals, paper and books for their inmates, and take on 40k in debt that can't be discharged by filing bankruptcy?

BYH to all of the people whining about teachers who marched in Raleigh. This was not all about pay, I was about the students also. Get your facts straight before you spew the negativity. Also, who cares about what your job is? It's probably your kid that makes them want to pull their hair out.

With so many car wrecks congesting our roads, where are our leaders who are pushing for slower speed limits, more enforcement and great safety for all of us? Let's reclaim our roads from the distracted drivers who are speeding, running lights and making it dangerous for us all.

BYH, seriously, what is wrong with you people? The sound is obviously closer to 'laurel' than 'yanni'. How do you even hear the word 'yanni' in that?

A reverse BYH to the 100 million or so citizens who chose not to vote. You truly disgust me that you cannot even give back to your country the minutes it takes to perform your civic duty. You people should live in a dictatorship for a year, then when you got back you would cherish your right to vote and you wouldn't be so maddeningly slack. You people deserve Trump, as well as those who voted for him, but this country doesn't deserve what is surely to come.

BYH Kickback Jack's for implementing a dress code in an establishment that is far from being even mediocre. What a joke.

BYH reader who responded to the churches are MIA. If your church could be more community-orientated then you're on the right track, otherwise, the glory you are harboring is for yourselves.

BYH, the greatest threat to knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.

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