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May 23 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

BYH, seriously, it is fascinating to watch these talking heads on TV defending Trump. “No collusion,” they keep saying, dismissing the 72 contacts with Russians that Team Trump had, many of which were lied about and denied for a year. What does it take for them to be suspicious, and would they be suspicious if it were Obama?

BYH to all public school teachers who complain about buying school supplies. It is not a law that you must buy anything for your classroom. It is your choice. Stop pretending that you supply kids stuff. Parents have to foot the bill for kids’ needed items, such as tissues (school item needed?). Get real. If the school does not provide it, do without. I am fed up with teachers constantly complaining. There are other needs in our community than just public schools and teachers.

BYH to the Southwest Bypass Project: it was debatable in the beginning if it was needed. I can tell you as a resident of the area under construction, it will definitely be necessary when finished because all the secondary roads around the area have been beaten to a pulp and are no longer safe to drive on.

BYH Kickback Jack’s. I strongly support your dress code for patrons; however, you need to do something about the way your servers look/dress. Thank you!

Thank you to the town leaders of Beaufort for being brave enough to put an end to the long-running government subsidies for on-street parking. I am glad to see that you will start making car owners start paying a few dollars to the thousands that each space costs taxpayers every year. BYH to the former freeloaders who will complain.

To the person commenting on the Royal Wedding: I love a Tyler Perry Madea movie, but your comment seemed somewhat ignorant, tasteless and insensitive. Perhaps I misread it, but after re-reading it several times, I think not. Bless your heart!

More red light and speeding cameras would mean more funds for our schools — which teachers say they need. It would also free up law enforcement officers to enforce laws and reduce crime while making our roadways safer for all. So why can't more intersections and school zones have more cameras soon?

A big bless your heart to the powers that be who allot surgery slots and then, after (the patient’s) going off medicine for 10 days in preparation, cancel the surgery at 8:15 the night before. Medicine does serve a purpose.

BYH, I'm just thinking outside the box here. Maybe to help combat low turnout at the polls, each precinct could offer a nice prize donated by a local business done by drawing the day after the election. What's wrong with that idea — besides it being so sad that bribing people with a lottery may be the answer to getting people to do their civic duty?

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