BYH to people who bash teachers. You literally would not last one class period at my school. I get cussed at, chairs...

May 24 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thank you to the Grifton principal who wishes to improve school safety by lowering speed limits and installing speed bumps around the school. I wish more principals were like you and that school boards supported making all nearby roads slower and safer for students and staff. Thank you for leading this effort.

BYH to the writer who feels their tax money should not go towards education at all, since they don't personally benefit from it. I don't have kids either — but I'm happy for my taxes to go to education because I don't want to live in a society of ignorant and selfish “offspring.” (And a big bless your heart to teachers!)

Bless the heart of the very uninformed person who wrote about teachers working eight months and being off for three months. Obviously, you're not bright enough to realize that equals 11 months. There are 12 in a year. Also, we work much closer to 11 months a year. I don't make $50,000 a year. That's an average which I won't waste time explaining since you already made it clear you struggle with math. 

BYH, in case you missed the news this last week, here is a synopsis: No collusion. Witch hunt. Quid pro quo. Investigate the investigators! We will crush Iran. Talks are off, Lil' Rocket Man. Deal is off, Iran. Drain the swamp, replace with bigger and fiercer swamp monsters. Repeat. Pardon me?

BYH to the Pope: Pope, you are a dope. You are some kind of church leader. You tell someone God made them gay. How stupid is that comment. You should step down because you have lost all of your common sense. You are a fool for saying such a thing. You are teaching something that is against the Bible and God's teachings. People better wake up and see you for what you are — a fake.

Bless your heart, city planning department and your lack of execution on establishing an outdoor dining policy for our Uptown. My wife met some of her college friends in Raleigh last week where they dined out at a restaurant along Hillsborough Street. She asked me why hasn’t our city approved outdoor dining in our Uptown, as we have been living in Greenville for over 14 years. I ask the same question to our city planners? Why?

BYH of all of those gravel dump truck drivers who spew rocks and stones out as they speed up and down U.S. 13 all day long. Please learn to cover your loads so you stop damaging so many cars. Also remember there is a maximum speed limit you should be following.

Most of you would be a lot happier if you would just stop keeping up. Stop keeping up with the Joneses, stop keeping up appearances, stop keeping the score of who you think hasn't done their share and, for goodness sake, please stop keeping up with the Kardashians.

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