BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

May 26 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bless your heart to the uneducated person who wrote in about "lavish lifestyles" at the pool and big slide on Charles Boulevard at the Fitness Connection. It cost $19.95 a month to be a member, which comes to 66 cents a day. For that much you and your family could have been a member of the "elite" and had a "lavish lifestyle" too. Too late, you missed out on the big slide.

BYH, there is such thing as obstruction of justice, you know. And just ask Nixon how that worked for him.

Bless Your Heart, Steve Kerr and Chris Long, pro athletes who disagree with the new NFL policy restricting kneeling for the national anthem. These spoiled know-it-all athletes say it is not about the military. As a veteran, I say it is all about the military. At every military base, retreat is played at the end of the day and everyone stands and faces the flag including stopping and getting out of vehicles. It is respect for our flag and those who served before us.

BYH to the families who have to go to their child's graduation with all the screaming and hollering going on so you cannot hear your child's name when they are called. I went to Bear Grass Charter School recently for my granddaughter's graduation. It was organized and respectable with no hollering and screaming. It was like it used to be when I went to school. 

Bless our misguided hearts. Guns are not the problem. Teachers are not the problem. Parental guidance, or lack thereof, and Hollywood are the problem. Count the number of people killed each day in the movies, on TV and in video games. I had my first gun at age 9. I was taught to respect authority and my parents, who taught me to respect both guns and life. If I shot it, I had to eat it.

BYH, I can't wait to vote! Can you?

BYH to “the gray area of credit/application approval” mentioned in an earlier BYH. The Rapid Re-Housing program does not require credit checks, but the landlords do. Hope this clears it up.

Whoever is responsible for the lot with the now-closed down BP Kangaroo Station on the corner of Southeast Greenville Boulevard and 14th Street needs to have the grass mowed. This is a prime piece of property and you need to take care of it. Would be great for a new Sheetz gas station. Bless your hearts.

An article about Tom Wolfe's white suits in The Daily Reflector got to the heart of the matter as to the meaning of “bless your heart”: "The suit reflected his Southern upbringing and said something about the sort of proscribed politeness that goes along with that geography. It’s the bless-your-heart brand of gentility that is decorous and polished on the surface, but sharp and piercing just below that."

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