BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

May 27 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Greenville is way past the point of needing someone to provide traffic updates. The tools are already in place and the entity that learns how to use them is going to get huge kudos.

Amen to the BYH'er who stated raising decent human beings would solve most problems. I agree wholeheartedly!

It is great to see Greenville starting to install a few pedestrians crosswalks and signals lights. Hopefully, drivers will learn to stop if anyone is in the crosswalk, and walkers will learn to use them instead of jaywalking in the middle of the road. It is amazing how many highly educated medical staff jaywalk to and from Vidant despite the previous deaths of others. Perhaps someday Vidant will care enough to install crosswalks on Fifth Street and Stantonsburg Road, BYH.

Bless your heart to all the folks that walk around stores and sit in restaurants talking on cell phones by speaker phone. Don’t we all love to hear your conversations. It’s rude. Learn some respect for others.

BYH, giving disparate sides parity when one side is so obviously false. It lends legitimacy to the false side.

BYH, they are paving Dickinson Avenue! I thought I would not live long enough to see that street get paved. Thank you!

BYH, what kind of soul-less demonoids lift the bans on “extreme hunting” like killing bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens, as well as shooting swimming caribou from their motorboats?

BYH, silence is complicity.

BYH to those wanting outdoor dining uptown. I'm with you as long as we pass a law keeping mosquitoes and other insects away from the uptown area. We all know that if you make a law prohibiting mosquitoes they will all comply and we can safely eat outdoors.

Bless your heart, without teachers, where would any of us be?

It is in the news again — police brutality against poor, innocent people; however, if everyone will behave, obey the law and give back something for their lives and community, that would be a bless your heart that could work.

BYH to Greenville for delaying the building of the next section of the greenway yet again. Why does it take so many years for y'all to get a simple paved pathway done? The federal grants you have gotten for the planning have always covered most of the costs, so get the work done so we can enjoy its use before the next flood destroys what we have, BYH.

BYH, sweet young man for offering to help me unload my groceries at Food Lion. I had it under control even with bursitis in my hip. That was definitely a random act of kindness. Thank you!

Bless your heart, Bob Hudak. You truly are a soul man. You make this world a better place. Namaste.

BYH, let your life be your testimony.

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