No BYH to Trump voters, you elected a bulldozer to our norms, institutions and very stability. and whatever happens...

June 6 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

BYH to "sidewalk. It is not sidebike." I would rather take the officer’s ticket than his yellow tape around my dead body.

I read the article about the Supreme Court and the gay wedding cake. I do not think it is helpful to label cakes by such preferences. Can't we leave cakes to just the old ways? You know, seven layer or birthday cake or wedding cake to coconut to lemon. Just leave the cakes out of these type discussions. Cakes are meant to be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure.

BYH Fox News. Thank you for exposing important truths about the corruption in our government. It's amazing how I can change the channel to mainstream and hear the exact opposite. Truth is eternal and will stand. I am a truth seeker and will continue to trust Fox News. (Yes, there are some "lefties" on Fox, but they stick out like a sore thumb.)

BYH to us all. As a one time Trump supporter, even I am amazed at what a piece of work he is. He needs to go before he does something really stupid.

I was asked by a friend at lunch the other day why I am no longer a Democrat. One reason is they are on the wrong side of everything, Illegal immigration, abortion, the economy, taxes, welfare, even MS13 gang members. Oh yeah. There’s those that think they can impeach the President just because their candidate lost.

BYH, modern day Republicans are not loyalists to the Constitution, they are loyalists to Donald Trump, and history will judge them harshly.

Bless your heart to the neighbors who have to put up with hens/chickens and roosters running all over the neighborhood, digging holes and constantly keeping noise in our fair town of Bethel. I thought you could not have roosters and a certain amount of hens/chicken and they have to be fenced in. Please, Town of Bethel committee. Do something about this infestation of hens/chickens and roosters.

BYH to the current victims of volcanoes in Guatemala and Hawaii. The ring of fire is activated, I'd get away from Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood and any presently dormant volcano in its proximity. On the same note, I suggest everyone sell their property on the San Andreas fault line and move to another perfect place.

BYH City Hall. I thought the mayor and his buddies were going to bring jobs and growth galore. Now I see we're wanting to pay money to bring in another airline. No way.

BYH to Speedway. I stopped for gas and got blasted with the new, loud, long, distracting TV programming built into the pump. I'll be going somewhere else to get my gas from now on. I just want gas for my car, not all that …

I would like to say bless your heart to Dr. S. for never giving up on me and finally getting me to feel better. I toast you, once again, with a gluten free cookie.

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