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June 7 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bless his heart, this is what Trump sounds like: “I totally have the power to pardon myself, but I won't because I didn't do anything wrong, so you may as well stop trying to prove that I did anything wrong, since I can pardon myself if you do, but I didn't, but I can, so don't make me, because I will.”

BYH to the person complaining about bikes being on the sidewalk. Your driveway is called a “driveway” but you park in it. I would ride my bike on the sidewalk, too, so I wouldn't get run over by a car. I think they should be on the sidewalk so they will not cause a traffic accident. Get over yourself and find something useful to complain about or, better yet, don't complain about it.

Bless my heart, just for comic relief I decided to switch on Faux “News” and lo and behold, they were talking about Hillary's emails. OMG. It's even worse than I thought. They might as well be talking about Mondale for all that matters — anything to deflect from the meeting with Russian operatives in the Trump Tower that they lied about for over a year. If that was Obama, their head would explode.

BYH, it is Christian privilege, not “religious freedom,” unless the same standards hold true for Muslim tenets, the Wiccan religion, etc.

Just read the article about traffic fines and penalties being a burden to the people who receive them. Well, duh! That’s the point of issuing them. If they are a burden, then those criminals who get them can stop violating the laws at any time and no more burden.

I went to buy some men's pants and most of the tags said "Slim Fit." Where are all these slim people? Most every man in the store was as fat as I. I finally bought a pair of "Slim Fit" pants in a size 40-inch waist. Never thought of myself as slim.

BYH to this Greenville Jobs Now mayor and City Council. Still waiting for those jobs you promised to come to town. So much for the cute slogan that Greenville Means Business.

BYH to our County Commissioners: I never knew drones flying over Pitt County was such a huge problem.

BYH, genocide. Not a pretty word, but one that seems appropriate to the present immigration policy. If Trump is not trying to turn the USA into a neo-fascist nation, why does he strike so many poses eerily reminiscent of Il Duce? And if you don't know who that is, you weren't paying attention in history class and you are a big part of the problem.

BYH to old, wealthy people who think they get to dictate everyone else's lives and assume everyone under 40 is lazy.

BYH, ECU baseball officials for letting everyone who wanted to get out of the sun during the less well attended regional games sit in premium seats in the shade. I'm sure you saved many of us from sunburns, dehydration and possibly even worse.

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