No BYH to Trump voters, you elected a bulldozer to our norms, institutions and very stability. and whatever happens...

June 8 Bless Your Heart


Friday, June 8, 2018

No BYH to the poor people who can't afford to pay the fines they themselves incurred by not abiding by the law. They were not given a ticket because they were poor, black or white. Something they did caused them to be pulled over by the police. Driving is a privilege, just like riding on a bus. If you can't behave, you will be walking! Can't pay the fine, don't do the crime! Simple.

I understand that the parking lot in Reade Circle is signed as being just for Chico's and the Bicycle Post customers, but enforcing this by a locked booting of illegally parked cars seems pretty strict for a city like Greenville. Next thing we'll see happening is cars really being towed for parking however they wish in the library parking lot instead of being allowed to be there all day in non-spaces.

BYH to The Reflector for the remembrance of D-Day on June 6. I was thankful that at least the Peanuts cartoon shed a light on the efforts of those who gave so much to protect the freedoms of our life.

BYH to people whose cars have lights out on them. Check your lights. Make sure they are all operational — head lights, parking lights, brake lights, rear lights and turn signal lights. If you take care of all that, it might save you a traffic stop for an equipment failure. Plus it takes a lot of your time and the officer’s to have to stop and check it out. 

If I own a bike where am I supposed to park it? Why doesn't the city of Greenville provide bike racks so people can have a place to leave their bikes? I guess other towns get it better!

BYH to those who assume and then judge that two women, two men or a man and a woman living together are a couple. Not always the case, not that it should matter.

BYH to those workers who likes to bad mouth other workers. You know they’re probably saying the exact same thing about you. Be kind to those workers. Please!

To the person complaining about Trump's immigration policy. He is enforcing the laws that Congress came up with. If you don't like these immigration laws, contact your representative and tell them you want them to change the laws. Congress makes the laws; the president enforces the law.

BYH to the former Democrat who flipped because of the “wrong side of everything” which is a list of debatable issues. I flipped from Republican because of treason. That’s a crime, not a debatable issue.

BYH, we have so dumbed down America, we have destroyed the family unit and our education system has become a joke. We are becoming an idiocracy.

BYH, it's time for you to step up — your country needs you now. Use your voice. Write letters to the editor. Educate yourself on what is happening before your very eyes. Vote! Make a difference. Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.

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