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June 10 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, June 10, 2018

BYH to the public defender who believes that riding a bicycle in Greenville is suicidal. Hundreds of people do it every day as their primary means of transportation and thousands more for sport, recreation, and exercise. Instead of empowering dangerous drivers to continue making the roads dangerous, why not become part of the solution and help make the roads safer by working to remove those with poor driving skills? Driving is a privilege not a right, BYH

BYH to all the DWI arrests. This is only a tip of the iceberg driving out there. Make more arrests.

BYH, so it looks like Trump has aligned us with Russia against the rest of the world. Good job, Trump voters.

Please bless my heart, I miss Obama. Heck, I even miss George Bush.

BYH to the person asking about bike racks. There is a rack at the Five Points Plaza (West Fifth Street at Evans Street) for patrons shopping or dining uptown. Elsewhere it's up to the individual businesses to provide the racks for their customers. Naturally, you are responsible for your own lock.

BYH to the hardworking folks who put on the regional baseball tournament. Just one minor complaint — can’t you have at least one vegetarian entree option at concessions in the future? Stock a few frozen veggie burger patties or some cheese pizza or something, please.

Bless the hearts of all those who fought and died in the Invasion of Normandy. Sadly we hear more about Colin Kaepernick and those who show contempt for our National Anthem than those who died for freedom. Why not pick on someone else as a symbol of your protest?

I recently visited Greenville for the first time in several years. Used to call it Dreamville in the 1970s. Writers to the BYH complain about idiot drivers speeding and running red lights and using no turn signals. This style of driving is necessary because all the large construction cranes may fall any minute or a big cement truck may belch out hot cement so drivers need to zip and zoom to get out of harm's way.

BYH to the person complaining about Congress complaining about immigration and not doing its job. FYI, it was Trump's executive orders, which do not get passed by Congress, that instituted the current immigration fiasco and had to be ruled upon by law enforcement as unconstitutional. Read. It helps.

Bless your heart to Carver Branch Library. It's a fourth of Sheppard's size with five times the noise — the only library where people can talk (loudly) across the facility and talk on cellphones.

BYH, I dream of a world where the motivations of poultry traversing asphalt are not frivolously questioned.

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