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June 11 Bless Your Heart


Monday, June 11, 2018

Bless your collective heart Greenville. Is this the way we do zoning? A developer fills in wetlands, cuts down all the trees and levels a lot that is zoned single family residential. And then goes to City Council saying, "the lot is not suitable for single family residential any longer. And besides, I've spent so much time and money prepping it for development." Think it's a joke — look at the corner of Elm Street and Greenville Boulevard.

BYH: To Gov. Cooper. Teachers have received a raise. Now it is time you should move on with the next business — the budget. There are more important issues other than teachers.

Bait bikes? Congrats to the GPD for doing this and catching this thief. Please continue to set these up around our town. I have had a few bikes stolen previously and it is great to see the police finally taking this seriously and catching criminals earlier in their careers. BYH to all of those who criticize y'all. Perhaps this child's mother will start to supervise her child a bit more after this and prevent his future stealing.

Thank you to the GPD for setting up and arresting people who steal other people's property especially vehicles. Your use of GPS tracking devices on bicycles is a great idea. Some of us need our bikes to get to work or school and when someone else steals them, we're out of luck and perhaps a job. Please keep up the good preventive police work and end the stealing of other's property.

Come on Chancellor Staton. ECU as the next great national university. Seriously? Hyperbole much?

No BYH to the DR reporters and proof readers. They continue to use 'FURTHER' rather than 'FARTHER' when writing about physical distance. My eighth grade English teacher, Miss 'Thistlebottom,’ would have rolled her eyes at such a blatant error. Furthermore, she would have produced a multiple choice exam to teach her students proper usage.

BYH, I just read about the people who spend $2 bills with bicycles stamped on them. I believe that is called defacing US currency and is a federal offense.

It is great to see the town of Farmville finally becoming serious about building a greenway to enhance areas of the town that cannot be developed. The Pitt County greenway plan was pain for and developed almost 20 years ago and has been collecting dust ever since. I am thrilled to see at least one town in the county has not forgotten it.

Bless his heart, Trump still just can't let it go that the British burned the White House, but he mistakenly blames Canada. Talk about not letting something go, I wonder if he is still mad about that whole Revolutionary War thing?

BYH, be kind. It costs nothing and pays dividends that we cannot even fathom.

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