BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

June 12 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BYH young lady with your cellphone mounted to your windshield right in your line of vision for the road. How long have you gotten away with this without being stopped? And you don't even have a parent or a friend that will tell you it is against the law but blatantly irresponsible as well.

BYH to the writer concerned about the $2 bills stamped with bicycles being spent to support the cycling economy; Title 18, Section 333 of the U.S. criminal code is worth a reading. It defines defacement there. There needs to be an "intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued." Spending special marked $2 bills is not advertising; spending is reissuing and the intent is to reissue in support of cycling. 

BYH, do you know what Trump has for negotiating leverage? Your sons. In order to “project strength” like he keeps saying, he means he is willing to send as many into battle as it takes not to back down on anything. And besides, he said, why make nukes if not to use them?

BYH, a conservative critical of this administration on TV just said that the Republican Party she's been a part of for decades is not what exists today. Patriotism used to mean standing up to Russians.

BYH, have you ever heard of boiling the frog? You turn up the heat steadily as the cold-blooded amphibian just gets used to it. Pretty soon the water is boiling and the frog is cooked. I think that to Trump, we are the frog.

BYH to the City Council. You really want to hoard multiple millions of dollars all in the name of economic development? I thought I was voting for Republicans last November, not a watered down version of Obama's failed stimulus package.

Why are bicycles not required to have license plates, liability insurance and pay the associated personal property taxes. They want equal road access, just not to pay for it.

BYH to the writer who wants developers to put sidewalks on both sides of the road. Why should we pay for that when we can get the city to pay for it? Doing it now may be cheaper, but it will cut into our profits and we'll pass them onto the home buyers. Wait a few years and the city will use tax dollars and make others pay for it instead of the developers. Then people can walk on the other side of the road and cross carefully because the county won't pay for any crosswalks.

BYH, they can put up apartments downtown seemingly in a month's time, but after what seems like years of hearing about our theater on Fifth Street, I just rode by it and it just looked like a gutted building after all this time. If that thing is ready by August, I'll be thrilled. It can't happen soon enough.

Christ said be not bothered by the world. I say that if you are bothered by the world then it must be a part of your “good fight,” so get out there and do something about it.

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