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June 14 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Promote outdoor recreation? BYH, Greenville but it is dangerous outside. With your high property crime rates, nearly daily ECU alerts of local muggings and rapes, constant deconstruction projects, car congestion, lack of sidewalks and crosswalks, broken greenway, rabid animals, not to mention the cigarette butts, beer cans and plastic bag litter that clogs the river ... no thanks, I'll stay inside or recreate in Raleigh where they address these issues.

A rousing BYH to all Pirates whp have gone over to the dark side to cheer on the Tarheels in the College World Series. It may even feel sort of good.

Bless my disappointed heart. Arming and paying private citizens to patrol our schools, arming some teachers and staff members and making bullet-proof book bags. But we took prayer out of schools because it offended people?

A special BYH for the local morning TV host who thinks that the word "fire" has two syllables. No way to light my morning fire.

BYH to those cyclists who wear those tight shorts. My wife thinks they look good on your muscular legs and tight ends and has suggested I should dust off my old bicycle to join you. I explained that I already have tight shirts and muscular elbows from lifting and emptying numerous beer cans, and I don't have to deal with dangerous, distracted drivers who refuse to share the roads. So please stop riding around being all healthy and stuff. You’re making the rest of us look lazy, BYH.

Bless Your Heart, mayor and City Council. Why are you going to stash away millions for non-existent economic development projects when our roads couldn’t be worse and we lack a decent park on the south side of town? Can somebody please inform the council that neither Apple nor Amazon is coming to Greenville anytime soon.

BYH to the person who mentioned that the new economic development funding should be used to stimulate growth in west Greenville. That part of our community deserves all the help it can get! Greenville doesn’t need to provide handouts to rich out-of-town developers.

In order to improve safety and increase its economy from visitors, little Washington just lowered its in-town speed limits to 15 mph, except for a couple of blocks on Dickinson, where it is set at 20 mph. Greenville’s limits are set much higher. Lesson here — walk and shop with greater safety in little Washington, but gamble and dodge speeding texters in Greenville where few, if any, crosswalks exist, Bless its car-congested heart.

Bless your heart to Roy Cooper and all the Dimocrats who want to take us back to the good old days of Easley and Perdue. As I recall, their tax and spending habits almost bankrupt the state.

BYH to our new Rocky Mount,Wilson, Greenville newspaper. Not!

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