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June 17 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, June 17, 2018

BYH Concert on the Common. Beer, the Eagles, the Tar River in the background. What more can a person ask for on a hot summer night? I hear it did not require a study to make it happen.

Building more student apartments is a good thing for Greenville. It shows a commitment to the future of ECU. If they ain't using taxpayer money, then let them have at it. When and if they overbuild then rental prices will fall and the consumer will be happy — a win-win situation. Go for it!

This administration is ripping children out of their parents’ arms at the border. The normal procedure would be to keep the families together and have them either in ICE detention facilities or interviewed and accepted for amnesty. What law mandates that we rip children from their parents’ arms with the excuse that they’re going to have a shower? This has to stop. Where are the churches in this matter? I have heard nothing from a church — in this area or nationwide. Nothing!

Attorney General Sessions said that there was a Biblical injunction to obey authority. He forgets that it’s not just one line in the Bible. Jesus said that for anyone who hurts his little ones, it would be better if they had a stone around their neck and be thrown in the nearest pond.

A huge bless your heart to the three Mudcat Minor League head coaches who gave freely of their time, energy and knowledge to help a gaggle of prepubescent boys grow remarkably into a team of young men who were pulling for and praising each other all the way! Way to go, Mudcat coaches!

BYH, this is for all you Trump haters. What's not to like about low unemployment, lower taxes and a booming stock market and economy? On top of that he is trying to make peace with the North Koreans. Of course the tax cuts were supposed to increase the deficit, but revenues to the Treasury are at record levels.

BYH, Vidant Health! Local government and the General Assembly are giving raises to employees. When will you do the same, especially to offset the already low salaries you pay your employees under the inaccurate excuse of lower cost of living in ENC?

Congrats to ECU for taking another baby step towards a healthier main campus by banning tobacco products and chemical smoking or vaping in 100-foot zones from any campus building. The Health Science Campus will be even healthier with a complete ban. BYH ECU, for thinking that cancerous smoke will respect these limits and ignore any wind movements.

A big Bless Your Heart to Bethel School Buddy Pack suppliers. This has been such a blessing to my family as well as others. I know it takes a lot of time and love to prepare such beautiful bags for our students. You are greatly appreciated.

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