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June 18 Bless Your Heart


Monday, June 18, 2018

BYH Balot family for providing $2 million in scholarships for students to attend John Paul II Catholic High School. Greenville is fortunate to have PK-12 Catholic education (St. Peter’s and JPII) and blessed to have the Balots helping to provide access to private education for those who cannot afford it.

Widening Evans and Old Tar roads to increase speeding, polluting car traffic costs $54 million for about four miles. That is $13.5 million per mile. Building trailheads and a greenway section that draws people into our area, promotes healthier ways of moving about, adds access and value to our river, and increases the property values is a bargain by any comparison. Completing the greenway plan has already taken decades, let's get it done, BYH.

Bless your heart to anyone in government who believes that spending $4 million dollars on less than a mile pf greenway is a good way to spend taxpayer money. You should also realize government grants are funded by taxes. With all the infrastructure work needed in Greenville, the money to extend to greenway is a total waste.

BYH and thank you to all the many citizens at Thursday's City Council meeting who spoke about stormwater and flooding issues in our city and supported actions (like proper zonings) that address these issues. Let's keep on speaking up!

Bravo for all of the community offerings that the city is finally doing to catch up. The concerts, movies, food trucks, arts, etc. are all a welcome sight for a city that seems to be progressing. There will always be naysayers and disgruntled street urchins who can't stand change, but keep up the good work, Greenville. I, for one, am happy to see the change.

BYH to our president: "He [North Korea's Kim Jong Un] speaks and his people sit up at attention." The president added, "I want my people to do the same." No spin, no other comment, no fake news. Trump likes dictators.

Walk down any street in Greenville and, if it has not rained in a few days, one will see thousands of cigarette butts littered on the ground. As soon as it rains, they'll all be washed away into our streams and waterways. There they will pollute our future drinking water, fish, oceans and beaches. Thanks to litterbugs who smoke, we can rename our Tar River to the Tar and Nicotine Ashtray. Bless their cancerous hearts and lungs.

Bless my prudish heart, but, I found it slightly amusing that the vice chancellor and dean of students were both showing a lot of bare leg while being interviewed on TV about the handling of a sexual assault case.

Isn't it a crime to provide false evidence in a police or FBI investigation? Isn't that planting evidence? It has been proven this Trump Russian Dossier is a false, made-up document. Where's the charges, FBI? Bless your hearts.

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