BYH to people who bash teachers. You literally would not last one class period at my school. I get cussed at, chairs...

June 20 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Suddenlink needs to be held accountable for the outage that lasted all day well into the middle of the night — 1:15 a.m., 26,000 customers without any service. You can bet Suddenlink will be holding ER Lewis Construction Company accountable.

BYH to all of those who feel that it is okay for people to disregard the laws of the U.S. and cross our borders illegally. Children are the ones hurt in cases like this, but I am proud that our government is trying to make these children safe and well cared for during this process of dealing with their law-breaking parents. If these parents do not want their children taken from them, stay on their side of the border.

BYH to the person who selects the BYH submissions. Are your readers so stupid they can't see your obvious bias with the anti-Trump rants getting posted while anything positive that even remotely paints Trump in a positive light never gets posted? Shame on you, Daily Reflector liars.

To the BYH writer still confused about why voter ID is discriminatory. Here’s one example: You're 85 and all your relatives are dead. You are in assisted living, but your mind is still alert. You can't get around and there is no one to get you around. You haven't driven or even written a check in 10 years, but you'd still like to vote. You think Republicans who are trying frantically to reduce Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security want those people's voting franchise to be easy? Wake up.

After decades of children walking to and from school every day, it is nice to see Farmville's schools finally get serious about keeping children safer and healthier by starting to install sidewalks on the main road leading to the schools. Why it has taken so long and what push started this construction is unknown to me, but it is a very welcome sight indeed. I appreciate Farmville investing in the health and safety of its residents. 

A big bless your heart to the major league manager who likes to save his best players for the next game. Four years of playoffs and the next game never got here. You have to win the first one to play in the second one. It is not really a hard concept to master.

Thanks to state legislators, local governments cannot practice many environmentally friendly policies, like banning those pesky plastic bags that litter our streets and trees. Major cities around the country realize how harmful those are to our water systems and fishing industries, yet N.C.'s GOP permits their destruction of our quality of life to continue. Every time I see or hear one blowing in the breeze, I think it is one less vote for the GOP, BYH.

Wow! I just saw two great bands on the Town Commons in four-day span, the Wannabees and On The Border, the Eagles tribute band. Way to go, City of Greenville, keep up the good work! BYH!

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