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June 21 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, June 21, 2018

BYH should have been more precise in its editing on Wednesday when it published a barb against Suddenlink that implied E.R. Lewis Construction was at fault for last week's service outage. A dump truck driver whose company subcontracted for the job on 14th Street drove into the overhead wires causing a daylong outage to more than 26,000 customers. Bless our hearts.

I would like to send a ginormus thank you to those who participated in the "Splash for Trash Tar River Cleanup” last Saturday. I am a great-grandmother and this is the kind of America that I grew up in, people helping people. This beautiful earth is on loan to us and we need to be more mindful of its condition!

With so much litter going into our waterways and then into our fish, wildlife and drinking water, it is great that some people take time to clean some of the large garbage pieces out of the river. Now if we can just reduce our use of disposable plastic, there would be less for the prisoners to clean up our roadways.

What Trump is doing at the Mexican border is nothing less than state-sponsored child abuse with your tax dollars.Shame on him and his supporters. Pray for these innocent children.

Does anyone realize that North Carolina and other states take children away from parents who are charged with doing something illegal? They are usually put in foster care until the parents can fulfill what is required of them to get the children back. If you come in illegal, there are ways you can become legal, and then you will get your children back. The law is the law!

BYH all ye moralists about human rights abuses in North Korea. What about the abuse right at our own border, separating children from their parents? What hypocrites we are to the world!

BTHs of local grocers. First I have to join a club, then the club within a club, and now I have to get online and/or use an app to get more savings on a handful of items. There are some new players in town and these new competitors don't ask their customers to participate in these gimmicks. I hate gimmicks.

BYH, Attorney General Sessions, if you are going to tout the Bible, I sure wish you would read Leviticus 19:33.

BYH to the town meetings that continue to open with prayer "in Jesus's name." Your continued promotion of Christianity sends a clear message to those citizens of other faiths, or none at all, that they are not equally welcome to attend city government meetings, BYH.

BYH the Department of Justice investigates itself and surprise, surprise , after describing all they did wrong for over 500 pages, they came up with the conclusion that all is well.

Bless my heart, this is a weird dream.

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