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June 22 Bless Your Heart


Friday, June 22, 2018

Now they are saying that Noah built his Ark for fear of stormwater runoff. Let me think about that one.

As ICE and Homeland Security forces start to raid more and more meat factories, construction sites and fields, local businesses, developers and farmers are advised to ensure their workers are all legal, carry identity papers, and have a back- up labor plan. Trump's administration is starting to enforce the laws and make our country great again with secure borders for only the people that are supposed to be here. Those employers who profit from illegal labor beware, BYH.

BYH legal eagles, so worried about arresting the law-breaking person crossing our border. What about the employer that hires them? Oh, wait, never mind, that included the Trump Organization. I get it now.

BYH to the people who say parents who commit crimes in America have their children taken away, too. Yes they do, but they have an opportunity to be placed with a relative once the parent is put in jail. Not the case with children of immigrants crossing the border looking for a better life.

A bless your heart to our President. He is not the hateful person the left want us to believe. This law that causes children to be separated from parents was put in place in the 90s. Obama enforced it and so did Clinton. The left and the news media are lying through their teeth. Yes, the news media is lying. It is not Trump’s law! It's a Democrat law!

Bless our heart, the people are awakening sufficiently, if you think Trump lost the popular vote before, just wait until 2020. That is, if we get to vote again.

As a parent of a rising senior, I recently toured ECU. Bless its heart for finally adopting some minor restrictions on smoking on its main campus, but completely banning it on its Health Science campus. If I understand this right, medical students' health is more important than main campus students' health so they get cleaner air and less cancerous causing drugs forced upon them? Why can't the university promote the health of all of its staff, faculty, and students and ban tobacco?

BYH to the workers on Ninth Street in Greenville. I have watched your work for months now from my shop. You have dug and refilled the hole nearly a dozen times. Your work day seems to be done in three spurts of about one-half hour each per day. I sure hope you are not billing the city for a full day's worth of work for all of these months and months where your machines sit idle, BYH. My security cam footage of your "work" makes for a funny viewing in fast forward.

BYH to my paper carrier! Passing my paper like a baton in a relay race absolutely made my day! Love you!

BYH, sincerity is the key to success. Once you can fake that, you got it made.

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