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June 23 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Just wanted to send a gigantic bless your heart to Dr. Mary Helen Allen Hutchinson for her excellent care and awesome beside manner. She is kind, compassionate and patient-centered, always wanting what is best her patients. My mom, dad and I appreciate you.

My, my! BYH to the editor. I never thought I'd see in print both the words "usurped" and "eschewed" used in the same sentence. Bravo!

Statistics show that illegal immigrants have less to fear from U.S. Immigration officers if the illegal immigrants stay at home and build their own country. Make Your Country Great Again rather than illegally entering another country. You must respect their laws. 

BYH to the individual who felt it was okay to tell parents that if they don’t want their children taken from them they need to stay on their side of the border. He or she has no concept of what it is like to live in a country where people are being killed or threatened to have their children taken away so that they will be forced to join the gangs. This person needs to have compassion and empathy for those children, not condemn the parents for bringing them on this side of the border.

BYH to the manipulation of America. Today we learn that the little girl in the red shirt crying isn't separated from her parents. Nevertheless, Time uses it anyway for its cover. Media never lets a good crisis go to waste when they can further the left. By the way, where is the coverage of Peter Fonda's hateful threat to Melania about Barron? No coverage. No fact checkers? I know you won't print this.

The mornings can be so cool and peaceful now that it is summer. A nice walk in the neighborhood or even a ride along the greenway is an extra treat. So many of these lawn companies, however, ruin it with their early morning whines of trimmers and blowers. BYH, but could you not wait to ruin our days with so much noise until after 8am like local ordinances require?

With parts of Dickinson Ave being revitalized finally, I hope the city will enforce some of the health code rules and clean up some of those unsightly junkyards of old cars and the mishmash collection of thrown away bicycles by the brewery. The rats and pests that live there are no longer desired near our new pubs, restaurants and bus station.

BYH to the farmers and people who live in the county who burn so much debris. The smoke from burning your garbage does not just stay on your property. It travels into our lungs and harms the rest of us, too. Please stop the air pollution. We will all be better off.

Bless your heart to the children who won’t have anything to do this summer while school is out. It would sure  be nice if they had a summer camp program to attend. To the children who don’t go to a summer program, read — read all you can!

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