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June 24 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, June 24, 2018

A very special BYH to the shopper couple who volunteered to load the very heavy case of water into our cart at Sam’s Club this past Thursday. There are some really great people in Greenville!

We'll know when ECU main campus is serious about their no smoking policy when certain grounds and facilities staff aren't allowed to smoke or vape while on the clock or in their state-owned vehicles.

No federal law required or suggested family separation before Sessions’ and Trump's egregious new policy in May 2018. Take some time to get your facts straight before jumping on here hating on Obama.

A big bYH to those drivers with road rage. Have you seen the news? Shooting people while having road rage is unnecessary violence. This is getting out of hand. Leave early and please, put down the phone and pay attention! Do not get angry with people.

BYH to GPD. Thousands of drivers of cars continue to run red lights month after month as shown by the cameras and reviewed by one of your own officers, yet you cannot or will not place any cars at these intersections to ticket these dangerous drivers. Civil fines for a for-profit company and a token for the schools does nothing to remove these drivers from our streets, keeping them dangerous for the rest of us. 

Bless your heart, Greenville Utilities! In your work to correct damage tree roots had done to the water line across the street, digging in our yards was necessary. The work was quickly done, and the yards were left clean and neat. Imagine our surprise when Greenville Utilities sodded the area where our grass had been removed! Bless your heart, Greenville Utilities, for leaving the area just as you found it!

Bless your hearts, security officers at the AMC Fire Tower 12! You helped us get tickets for another show when we mistakenly ordered tickets for a show the previous day. No wonder we could not find our seats. You went way beyond the call of duty.

There was a really bad accident on Arlington Thursday. A car flipped on its side. On Arlington they’re traveling way too fast — and on Charles and Fire Tower too. If a police car would just come over there and sit on these roads, especially Arlington at 5 p.m. it would deter the speeding. Cars need to slow down. I am praying for Greenville and I’m praying for myself.

BYH to the nicest man and his wife who helped my husband find our car at Walmart Thursday afternoon. My husband has short term memory loss and forgot where he parked and he also forgot to press the button on his keypad that would have alerted him. In the meantime, I couldn’t find my husband. Thank goodness we didn’t buy ice cream. It was hot out there waiting.

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