BYH to the Marines, who have a saying: 'It's God's job to judge the terrorists. It's our job to arrange the meeting'....

June 29 Bless Your Heart


Friday, June 29, 2018

BYH to The Daily Reflector for the article titled "Impaired drivers told to stay off roads during holiday." Really? How about impaired drivers always stay off the road? It kills no matter what day or time, holidays included. It's a law for a reason. Just don't drink and drive.

Pat Robertson and many scientists do not believe the scam of global warming. Please research and don't believe all the left media.

BYH to all of those people who cut and blow their grass clippings and yard waste into the streets. All this ends up in our water supply and we all end up paying for it to be removed or to clean our pipes. Please stop doing this.

BYH to anyone who thinks a civilian review board for the police department makes sense. Okay, so I break the law. Then I get arrested. Then I say I should be on the review board so I can say “No, I think I was incorrectly charged.” Hmm ... seems like to me it’s just a lot of folks who commit crime trying to find a way to get off. They have IA, SBI and standards, actually unbiased people.

BYH to limited summer fun. By my count the city pool is only open 21.5 hours per week and 20.5 if there is a swim meet on Tuesdays. The pool closes at 2 p.m. on Saturdays (yes, the day most people can use it!) and is closed on Sundays. And it closes at 5 p.m. on weekdays. So much for the working man taking his kids for a swim after work. Apparently, this pool is a huge hassle to open so why even bother? Tax money down the drain.

BYH to the misguided landlubber who doesn't like the pirates. Should we be ECU singers, ECU cavities, ECU internists or maybe the ECU protractors or calculators? As a history major and graduate, pirates are fitting. Read a book.

I went to the local hamburger joint for a quick lunch. I stood there ignored for between 8-10 minutes. So I walked out and drove elsewhere where I was pleasantly treated. Guess where I will go to get my hamburger next time, bless their hearts.

BYH to the American people of this great land. Regarding the next judicial appointment to the Supreme Court, Senator McConnell and all our representatives in Congress, both Democrat and Republican, should reach across the aisle and work together to allow nothing to be done until after the November elections. The American people should be able to speak before any more judges are appointed to either the Supreme Court or any other court.

BYH to the restaurant owner who refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You made such a mistake. You should have served her a delicious meal and, in lieu of her check at the end, presented her with a note stating that the only payment you would ask is that she quit lying for a living on a daily basis to the very people who pay her salary.

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