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July 3 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bless your heart to the employees at the Food Lion, Easy Street location. They provided assistance to me recently while I was in their store. They are true professionals and demonstrate a caring for the community!

Building a $33 million culvert just dumps stormwater into the river that already floods when it rains. Adding more water to it won't make it go away. Unchecked development with more and more parking lots will lead to more flooding and destruction. Just ask Houston how well it worked for them. BYH, Greenville. It will someday be a disaster of your own making.

BYH, does anyone else see the irony of Trump constantly yelling “fake news,” them turning around and hiring into his administration so many talking heads from Faux News, the very definition of a fake news channel?

Bless the hearts and minds of those people protesting to keep families together. This just means that ICE will keep them in group-style prisons on military bases for longer periods of time or deny them coming into the county at all. Be careful for what you rally and protest. You just might get it and it is far worse.

BYH, remember when Trump said wages are too high? Google it.

BYH, we are living in the day of 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2.

Bless your heart to the man in the large silver truck. James Bond would have used his turn signal.

If yours was a vote for either of our Republican senators, that would make you responsible in a Senate that is complicit in the absolutely idiotic policies of this president including cozying up to Russia, slowly dismantling our democracy, scrapping clean air and water initiatives, attacking health care protections like pre-existing conditions, siding for corporations over people every time, horrible environmental policies and turning the clock back on a sane energy policy. Bless your heart.

BYH to everyone. Forty years ago every pickup truck in the high school lot had a rifle in the window and there were no school shootings. What changed?

BYH on the new transportation center being named after a living politician, B.K. Butterfield, a Democrat. Please do us all a favor and don't protest when a Republican does the same thing.

Bless your heart to The Daily Reflector for printing a front page story on Sunday above the fold about “Locals protest border policy.” Not once was it mentioned anywhere that they were protesting for criminal invaders.

Hillary's tears are a greater danger than stormwater runoff. I was always taught to be a good loser and not blame the Russians or the PamPack team from Little Washington. And I think Hillary's whining will hurt Oprah's chances in 2020.

BYH, don't worry if you missed the news today. They'll make more tomorrow.

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