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July 4 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hold onto your hats! Al Gore is back in the news and telling us that it will be hot this summer. The man is a genius and would have been our President had not the Russians stole the election from him.

BYH, read. Reading can seriously damage your ignorance.

BYH, corporate America bought a record amount of its own stocks from the Trump tax break. The tax cut that was promised to “trickle down” and help American workers went right back into the pockets of corporations. Any benefit to an average worker will be more than made up by the higher prices created by the Trump trade wars.

BYH, I am a Republican who thinks we should impeach 45. He is not a real conservative. He is clearly compromised by Russia. He is a fraud, the most corrupt president in U.S. history. I am not selling my morals and ethics for this man. My party has become a cult.

The people who implemented and carried out the plan to keep the stolen children from their parents and refused to return them even at the face of a judge’s injunction need to be prosecuted in the international criminal court at Den Hague in the Netherlands. Bless your heart. This is a crime against humanity.

BYH, all the bitter and angry liberals. Try to enjoy Independence Week even though your socialist/globalist dogma teaches you to hate America!

The law is the law, right? In N.C. it is unlawful to: Exceed the speed limit. Own a turtle without registering it. Transport a wild animal in a cage. Pray aloud to a particular deity at a governmental function. Sing off key. And, of course, fail to use directional signals. Whole lot of criminality going in. Bless our hearts.

BYH to people who go to convenience stores and just throw your trash all over the parking lot. Did your mama not raise you better than that? It would be nice they pass a law that if you are caught doing this you are ticketed and the proceeds go to the school system. They should install cameras like the red light cameras so you could be caught in action.

Almost 2,000 red light runners a month? At just five intersections? For six months straight and caught on camera? Clearly the data shows that Greenville has dangerous and poor drivers. What I don't get is why the police can't or won't start giving out real driver tickets to these red light runners. Bless them.

Bless your heart to the agitators calling for a police review board. Do you think they will discuss those brave police officers who ran into a theater without hesitation to confront a possible shooter? They were ready to risk their lives for all citizens regardless of race.

BYH to Teddy Roosevelt, who said, "Knowing what is right doesn't mean much unless you do what is right.”

BYH, have a safe and happy Independence Day, everybody!

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