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July 5 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, July 5, 2018

In this hot weather, why do some wish to abolish ice? I like my tea and other drinks cold. Bless my heart, but the government may take my ice cube trays from my cold fingers, but I'll just share the recipe for ice on the inter webs and this way people can make their own.

BYH to the stormwater/flooding naysayers. Do you have property you want rezoned that would be out of compliance with good stormwater/flooding control?

BYH to those making jokes about stormwater and flooding management. I bet those staying in emergency shelters and/or losing their homes during Hurricane Matthew are not laughing.

A big BYH to the misinformed person calling Fox News “Faux News.” A recent study showed ABC and MSNBC posting 98 percent negative stories on President Trump. CNN and NBC were at 95 percent. Fox was at 58 percent negative on Trump. And you rage against Fox? BYH, lest we forget it was Obama who started this hate for the media. Remember “If I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t like me either”? Bless your close-minded heart.

If these dangerous drivers who run red lights repeatedly still have not learned their lesson, why can't the cops start issuing real tickets and remove them from our roads before they kill someone? We all pay for the insurance rates being higher and want safer roads. If these driving missiles wish to keep funding our schools an extra couple of million dollars per year, I say we install more cameras at more intersections all over the county and fund our schools even better.

I am so glad that the polluting world of hog farming is being exposed and held accountable for their policies. Hopefully, soon the chicken processing plants will also be exposed and stop destroying our lands and waters. BYH for just thinking of profits and not the welfare of us who live here.

BYH to all of the dump trucks driving down the street with uncovered loads, spewing rocks all over the place from Fountain to Greenville. BYH to the state leaders that allow such trucks to run with license plates only on the front and not the back, so we can't even call them in to hold them responsible for damaging our cars from these flung stones.

Good to see the new transportation center nearing completion. I hope that smoking will be banned in it, no plastic straws or bags will be allowed, Brook Valley will have its own cut-through lane, bait bikes will be left there with lime green ones, bike racks will be installed along with bike lanes, the ECU chancellor can throw parties there, water runoff will be collected and shared, two-dollar bills will be accepted, police will store their tanks there but in hidden places, etc. If not, we'll read about it here, I am sure.

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