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July 6 Bless Your Heart


Friday, July 6, 2018

I put my American Flag up early on July 4th. A walker saw the flag and said, "You must be one of those Trump supporters." I replied, "I am more of a supporter of the United States." I think I made her mad.

BYH to "BYH, corporate America’s Trump tax break." Our family just got back from a wonderful Tennessee vacation. This is the first time in 10 years we could afford to take one. Thanks, "Tax Break".

No BYH to the fake Republican who wants to impeach the president and calls the Republican party a cult. Nice try, but I've seen it before. You are definitely marxist/socialist/communist. My dog is more Republican than you. You people are amazing. I hear Cuba and Venezuela have openings.

BYH anti-globalists, with Trump's tariffs the USA will soon be out of the global economy, and you'll be out of a job!

BYH to the person who believes Trump will cause us to become a third-world country. Liberals always accuse conservatives of the very thing liberals are actually doing. Check out how Barack Obama was quickly taking us into third-world status. Thank God Hillary couldn’t finish the job.

BYH to the oblivious or inconsiderate slow drivers who felt it was their duty to drive under the speed limit, blocking traffic lanes completely as I tried to pass them while taking my daughter to the hospital. I didn't have time to wait for an ambulance, but have to wonder if these people would have moved to the right even then!

Well, well, Finland's Universal Basic Income has come to an end after only two years. Surprise! If you guarantee a salary and health care to people if they work or not, they won't work. Take note, Bernie. If it doesn't work in socialist Finland, it won't work anywhere, BYH.

BYH to the state of N.C., I want to say a big thank you for having the grass cut on side roads. I can now see safely how to pull out and not be scared I am going to hit another car or have a deer jump out in front of me. Thank you and the workers again for doing this.

BYH, I, too, am fed up with those making jokes about stormwater and flooding issues! Have they no sense of compassion for others? From where I sit, it doesn't make sense for them to joke about it unless their pocketbooks will get fatter each time the city council votes for zoning contrary to wise stormwater and flooding prevention.

BYH, it is much easier to stop the pollution than to clean up the pollution.

BYH to landholders who want their properties rezoned to things not in the best interest of our city. You better make your request soon before the next city election! I hear you can get ill-advised rezonings these days.

BYH DR Fourth of July posts — four left-wing posts and one conservative post. Yes, some of us count.

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