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July 7 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bless your heart to all those complaining about hog farms and chicken houses. You must have never eaten bacon or a grilled chicken wing. I feel sorry for you. While you are mouthing off, how do you think that food you eat gets in the grocery stores or meat markets? Shaking my head.

BYH to the person complaining about "Faux" News comments. Trump considers anything negative about him to be "fake news," but negative news is not false reporting. Fox tends to follow conspiracy theories rather than actual facts, which is why many call it Faux News, ("false" in French). If Trump would stop making false claims — and he has been fact checked and proven to be misinformed — maybe the other news stations will be able to find something more positive to report.

A questionable BYH to today's BYH defending Trump, that it's nice to have a president that “isn't in it for the money.” Say what? His little “tax cut” he rammed through is going to save his family over a billion dollars. Your family gets nothing when you factor in the higher costs from his trade wars. You've been duped.

BYH to the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand. But if divers can get to the boys, it just seems like they could rig a harness and carry one boy back every trip. Surely a young teen that spelunks could be counted on to relax, close their eyes and breathe via a regulator. It can't be that hard.

BYH, six big Wall Street banks saved almost $4 billion last quarter, thanks to the recently enacted tax law. But tell us again why we can't afford to feed the hungry, house the homeless, care for the sick or buy books for schools?

BYH to the ICE agents recently seen patrolling around in Greenville taking photos of construction workers. Please do your raids on the hundreds of illegals out working in the farm fields and leave our luxury apartments alone. Greenville is growing and doesn’t need you stopping our progress.

Another report about parents complaining about the high cost of childcare. I like it like it was back in the good old days. Mother stayed home with the children and daddy went to work. Another option is to not have kids if you cannot afford them. Duh.

BYH to that old canard about liberals hating America. Without liberals there would be no America. If conservatives had been in charge in 1776, we’d have stayed under George III with corruption, cronyism and all the wealth and privilege concentrated in the hands of a small elite. So, yes, us liberals had a great Fourth of July and will now resume the patriotic call to oppose that conservative dream.

Peace, love,compromise — as opposed to win at all costs. Extremists both left and right are divisive. I pray that we will learn this before it's too late.

BYH, be alert. The world needs more lerts.

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