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July 8 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, July 8, 2018

BYH to the folks who used the Trump tax cut to take a "wonderful Tennessee vacation." You must be in the top one percent who got 83 percent of the tax cut. Average folks are vacationing in Vanceboro.

Thank you to Mayor P.J. for encouraging the city to build more bike lanes and greenways. Your leadership in making our city healthier and a more dynamic place to live, work and play is greatly appreciated. Finally we have city leadership that understands that not all of us want to own cars and take government subsides of free parking that are destroying our planet. Keep up the good work and wean others off of their oil addiction.

No BYH to our president, who just said he has no idea what the senior President Bush’s  phrase meant, "thousand points of light.” And he accuses others of low IQ?

Liberals do not hate America. As patriots, we dissent from a president who vilifies the free press and undermines the rule of law; from a court that considers corporations people and says that money is speech; and from legislatures that codify minority rule through unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering depriving many citizens of any meaningful vote. Love of country compels us to fight the shift toward plutocracy that conservatives seem bent on. God bless America.

I went to the city pool last Saturday at 2 p.m. It was closed. My tax dollars hard at work.

A BYH to those disrespectful children. Do you know how good you have it? Be kind. Schools, you need to teach those children better.

BYH, keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

BYH, I'd rather be poor with a good heart than rich with bad intentions.

BYH City of greedy Greenville. If you continue to ignore the floodplain in favor of development plan for death. Do not fool yourselves. You are leaving water storm surges to seek a way out from a concrete covered and treeless town for the next such storm and the next and the next. Stop widening roads, stop building parking lots, stop it. Step back, learn and deliver what's right.

I would like to compliment Farmville on its recent emphasis on making new sidewalks along popular streets. My family has been here for generations and it makes me proud to see the town finally getting serious about making our fine community safer for those of us who walk.

Several years ago, my wife and I decided to take a gamble on Greenville. I can happily say that we just closed on a house in Wilson, where at least Raleigh is a short drive away. There is nothing for 30-somethings to appreciate in Greenville and the city's continued decisions to develop without family-friendly options proves that won't change soon.

BYH, maybe you should start learning Russian. Dasvidaniya!

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